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Thread: Toughest player in the league

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    Brett sure, but the guy was so tough while he was addicted to pain killers...anyone would be tough.

    David Carr is tough, but hes more of a good sport, he doesnt complain about the beating he has to take, but its not like he puts up a huge fight, he never gets put out real bad because he would just rather go down than fight it.

    Toughest player thats not a steeler is probably Todd Pinkston JK, i really dont know, its tough to pick one that is tougher than another, but i guess Carr by default...i'll think of someone else soon.

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    I'll give you that, David Carr is pretty selfless and for a guy who's had no help on his OL since his career began he's been a real team guy about it...but sooner or later he's gonna snap you gotta think.

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    As much as I hate McNair I would have to agree with AZ. The guy has played through a lot of injuries and found ways to win.

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