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Thread: The Daniel Graham catch...

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    The Daniel Graham catch...

    Explain this to me. If on the Graham catch, contact was made before Graham had possession of the ball it's still down by contact? Even if Graham was going down to make the catch?

    I feel like we got jobed by that call. To me if it was a catch, then it should've been a fumble.

    the way i saw the play, the defenders hand was on his back as he was going down to make the catch, but there was no contact as or after the catch was made until Clark knocked the ball out. Since it was ruled incomplete on the field wee the officials not allowed to rule it a fumble?
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    When he was touched, did he have solid control of the ball? I don't believe he did. I don't believe he had control until he was starting to get up. Therefore, he hadn't been down by contact. The first contact of him having control, would of been when he was getting up and which it should of been a fumble.
    That's what I saw. and if he wasn't down by contact it was a fumble.
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