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Thread: Where Are You Going To Watch The Game Monday Night?

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    House of Steel
    I got a measly 13 inch Zenith TV, but it is a great little TV. I don't know if I am going to be able to watch the game since you know why. I might ask my brother in law if I could use his old television and watch it in the spare room. IF that happens, I won't be able to be on the computer. grrrr. I might stick with the helmets once again. I live in a hellhole.

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    I need a win to cap a great weekend...jet skiing on Lake Erie all day Saturday (after the OSU win, of course), Cedar Point Sunday, day off work today, and have friends coming over to drink beer, eat pizza, and watch the game on my (still relatively) new DLP High Def TV.

    Bring on the Jags!

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