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Thread: The WTF? Season/Unforgettable Season

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    The WTF? Season/Unforgettable Season

    Remember the year of the Tommy Gun? Remember the tie against Atlanta? Remember the Academy Award game? Remember a year we actually sucked on Defense? If so then you must be recalling the wild 2002 season. Steeler Tribute has a perfect breakdown/tribute of that season.

    Remember the 97 season? If so then you probably remember that it was one of many AFC Championships blown under Bill Cowher. But, for a second, remember how special and wild that season was. Link.

    I hope this guy does the 2004 and 2005 season at some point down the road. He did a great job with these two.

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    I remember both years well....In 97 the Steelers had a very exciting season....Kordell had his best year with 21 TDs passing and 11 rushing....Plus Bettis was in his prime and Yancey Thigpen had his best year as a Steeler....The defense was solid but not great in 97......Carnell Lake led the Steelers with 6 sacks in

    There was some great games that year to.....Three OT wins against the Jags,Cards and Pats......Kevin Henry intercepted a Drew Bledsoe pass late in that game....I'll never forget that play....Plus I remember the Steelers D stuffing James Stewart on a crucial 4th and goal play at the 1......That Broncos game in the regular season was also a great game....That wild game at Baltimore were the Steelers trailed by double digits at half time due to three Kordell INT's....But in the second half Kordell threw three TD passes and I think Will Blackwell also had a kick return for a TD in that game...That game was one of the most wildest games I have ever seen...

    I also attended my first two Steelers games that season...I saw the Steelers beat the Colts and Ravens at Three Rivers that year....The Ravens were shut out and Vinny threw three picks in the first quarter.....

    Of course in the play-offs that Steelers/Pats game at Three Rivers was crazy....Steelers won Of course the AFC title game sucked ***.....But still that was an awesome season......

    The 2002 season was a very fun year also....With the whole Tommy Gunn offense....Plus that comeback win against the Browns in the play-offs was one of the best games I haver ever seen.....That Falcons game that ended in a tie was a great game to that season.....

    Of course Joe Nedney deserved an Oscar for his flop on that missed field goal....The penalty against DeWanye Washington allowed him to attempt the field goal again....But still that season was a season I will never forget also.....

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    "When Henry intercepted that pass, my buddy screamed out, "Run fatass, run!!!" We could not believe what was happening."

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    it seems so long ago, but i remember it perfectly. ah, that was quite the year.
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    Remember that year. Definately an unforgetable one.

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