Thats about the recap for all of today's games that actually meant something to the Steelers being on the bye week. Cincy pretty much is finished after today losing in Kansas City to a very mediocre Chiefs team. Cincy is now 1-4 and 3 games back in the division behind the Steelers and the way they are playing now as a team and all around they really have no shot of making a run and catching up in this division especially the way the Steelers are playing. The Browns beat Miami and got there record to 3-3 and continue to play well on offense with Derek Anderson. Im still not convinced the Browns are a major player in this division yet. The Steelers still have the tiebraker on them beating them on the road already opening day, and still have to play them here at Heinz Field next month in a game I think which the Steelers will win. The Ravens beat a pathetic 0-6 Rams team today and struggled in the first half of this game with Kyle Boller and only scored one touchdown this whole game and kicked 5 FGS the rest of the game. The Ravens while they will be tough and always are still do not have the offense to beat the Steelers especially here at Heinz Field which is where the first meeting is here in 3 weeks on Monday night. Plus, as Ive mentioned before the Ravens have a brutal schedule in November having to play the likes of the Steelers,Bengals,Browns,Chargers,Colts,and Pats. There is no way they will survive that stretch without losing a bunch of games especially the way they are playing now offensively. They are going to have to improve dramatically to even have a chance to win any of those games in my opinion. Meanwhile, the Pats just keep on rolling beating Dallas soundly by 21 points on the road. The Pats are now 6-0 and at this point are going to be very tough to beat and may well indeed be undefeated or at the very worst have only 1 loss when the Steelers play them on December 9th in New England. Now the Patriots are not unbeatable by any means. You did see Dallas give them some trouble today on defense. The Steelers defense will really have to play an excellent game and Ben and the offense is going to have to score some points in that game to have a good shot to win. This Steelers team I do believe is good enough to play with and beat the Pats whether they do or not will find out.

The bottom line once again with this upcoming schedule the Steelers still have games left with the Jets,Dolphins,Rams,Browns,and 2 with the Bengals. Those 5 teams have a combined record of 5-24. The only 2 teams the Steelers play the next 6-7 weeks up until the Pats game with a winning record or at .500 are the Ravens and the Browns and both of those games are at home. My point here is if the Steelers expect or want to compete for a top 2 seed with the Pats and Colts they better win pretty much all of these games. Homefield advantage in this years playoffs I believe is going to be huge. The good news is the Colts have a tough schedule the next 4 weeks having to play at the Jags, at the Panthers, the Pats and at San Diego. They should slip at least 1 maybe 2 of those games, and you know when the Colts play the Pats that at least one of them will lose so either way if the Steelers keep winning there going to get help there.

The bottom line is the Steelers MUST keep winning games and absolutely cannot afford to really slip or lose one game here really until they play the Pats. The schedule still sets up very well for the Steelers to keep winning games which I think they will do. As long as they do they are going to be in perfect position as Ive been saying all along come December to compete for a top 2 seed, a bye week, and homefield advantage with the Pats and Colts. The Steelers MUST keep winning its really that simple.