View Full Version : Judge Accepts Guilty Plea:Vick Apologizes

08-27-2007, 12:06 PM
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Michael Vick (http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/player/69083) apologized to the NFL and his Atlanta Falcons (http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/team/67038) teammates Monday for "using bad judgment and making bad decisions" and vowed to redeem himself of charges in a dogfighting case.

Shortly before making his first public statements, the star quarterback pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting charge and awaited a Dec. 10 sentencing date that likely will send him to prison.

"First I want to apologize for all the things that I've done and that I have allowed to happen," Vick said at a news conference following his appearance in U.S. District Court.
"I made a mistake in using bad judgment and making bad decisions," he said. "Dogfighting is a terrible thing." He concluded by saying, "I offer my deepest apologies to everyone. And I will redeem myself. I have to."

08-27-2007, 12:22 PM
I doubt he can redeem himself... the best thing for him to do is keep his mouth shut at this point. What all of a sudden made him realize what he had done was wrong???

08-27-2007, 12:39 PM
I can only hope the NFL never lets him back in and if they do no one signs him.

08-31-2007, 01:34 PM
If the league lets him come back, the suck *** raiders or bungels will go after him, they get all the criminals or has beens