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08-14-2007, 03:48 PM
I recently got MLB.com tv, and have watched as many pirate games as i can and everytime i've watched they have won!! How come they are bottom of their div!
From what i've seen of them there awsome!! LOL

And i just re joined a baseball team too, I used to play 18 years ago when i was 16.

08-21-2007, 06:31 PM
Just depends on the rest of the teams in their division. If the Pirates are wining and so are the rest of the teams in the division then the Pirates don't lose any ground in the standings but they also don't gain any ground either. The only time that the Buccos' would gain ground on the rest of their division is if the teams in their division all lose or if they win while the leader of the division loses. Best way I can explain. I am sure that there are more experienced fans of the game that could explain better than I could but thats the basics of it.

08-21-2007, 09:11 PM
I recently got MLB.com tv, and have watched as many pirate games as i can and everytime i've watched they have won!! How come they are bottom of their div!
From what i've seen of them there awsome!! LOL

And i just re joined a baseball team too, I used to play 18 years ago when i was 16.

Nice! Next year, watch every game! We'll go undefeated! :lol:

08-22-2007, 12:43 AM
I recently got MLB.com tv, and have watched as many pirate games as i can and everytime i've watched they have won!!

PLEASE, for the love of God, watch them every game for the rest of the year!!! We need the wins.

08-23-2007, 01:49 AM
You know all that losing they did and they still have a chance. I mean Mill and Chic both shiat the bed while we were losing. the problem is is that they are both winning when we are too. Our Div sucks thats the only reason while we are still in it.

08-24-2007, 06:33 PM
LOl Guess who started watching the bucs game v the phillies the other day just before the 2 out 7th and the Bucs then scored a 7run 2 out no homer 7th!! me!!!

And i wtahced the game v the giants where they scored 8 in an innings!! LOl

As far as i can see they are the gods of basball!!

And for sure i'll be watching them from the start next year!

08-26-2007, 01:03 AM
4 straigt wins after tonite...........where wus all this offence earlier this season? to little to late to make a difference

08-26-2007, 01:07 AM
Nice! Next year, watch every game! We'll go undefeated! :lol:I'm not a big baseball fan, but what is the best record a team has ever had? Is it possible to go undefeated?:dunno:

08-26-2007, 10:18 AM
'98 Yankees - the greatest ever?
SAN DIEGO - How appropriate - a sweep.

What else could it be for a New York Yankees team that is surely one of the greatest in baseball history.

Andy Pettitte and the Yankees put the finishing touch on their most dominant season by beating the San Diego Padres 3-0 Wednesday night for a record 24th World Series championship.

''This is the top,'' weeping owner George Steinbrenner said. ''This is truly one of the greatest teams in baseball history. I've never seen anything like this. They don't quit and seem to overcome everything.''

It was New York's second title in three years and its first sweep since 1950. The Game 4 victory gave the Yankees 125 wins - a total that ranks right up there with all the other big numbers put up in baseball this year. Their 114 regular-season victories were the most ever for a champion.

And it was a tribute to a team vastly different from all those other pinstriped winners. Without a Ruth, DiMaggio or Mantle among them - no certain Hall of Famers and no one even elected to start in the All-Star game this season - these Yankees posted a .714 winning percentage, the best in the majors since their Murderers' Row club of 1927.

''This is the most determined team I've been around,'' Yankees manager Joe Torre said. ''I don't know if we have the best team of all time, but I do know that we have the best record. We have to take a back seat to no one in my lifetime.''

Scott Brosius carried on the Yankees' tradition of unlikely infielders coming up big in huge games - remember Bucky Dent and Brian Doyle? - and was the Series MVP. The third baseman went 8-for-17 in the Series with six RBI.

Back on April 4, the Yankees were 0-3 for the first time in 14 years and already the New York tabloids and talk radio gurus were in a panic: No team had ever lost its first four games and gone on to win the World Series.

''I don't know that after three losses you can worry about pressure,'' manager Joe Torre said that afternoon after a 7-3 loss at Oakland. ''We're still not swinging the bats. We just couldn't get anything going. We will. It's just a matter of time.''

One of the greatest seasons ever was about to start, and the Yankees didn't even know it.

They got their first win the next day, 9-7 against the Athletics behind Chuck Knoblauch's go-ahead sacrifice fly. They lost 8-0 the next day at Seattle, and then the magic began.

An eight-game winning streak - which included a win over Anaheim at Shea Stadium after Yankee Stadium was temporarily closed because of a fallen expansion joint - put New York in first place.

After a loss at Detroit, the Yankees reeled off six more wins and were atop the AL East to stay. Then, following a loss to Toronto came an eight-game winning streak that ran the record to 23-6. They never looked back.

''We've had an uncanny knack all year,'' said David Cone, a team leader and often its chief spokesman. ''When we need to pitch well, when we win 1-0 or 2-1, we get great pitching performances. And when we need to score runs, it seems like we're able to match up and do that. Is that character? Is it integrity? It's a team that really picks each other up and pulls for each other.

''We sense when the starter is struggling, then we score runs. And vice versa. If the other pitcher does well and we need to hold them down as a pitching staff, we do that as well.''

It all added up to a 114-48 regular season record, an 11-2 postseason mark and the team's second World Series title in three seasons. Wednesday night's 3-0 win over the San Diego Padres gave the Yankees their first Series sweep in 48 years and a .714 winning percentage, the best - regular and postseason - since the '27 Yankees Murderers' Row team.

''It's the best club I've ever been around,'' Torre said during the postgame celebration. ''Twenty-seven Yankees, they may be a better club, but we had the best record. To me, that was the standard that I was looking to pass.''

All along the way, they destroyed records:

The 114 wins (including 50 in which they came from behind) broke the old AL record of 111 by the '54 Cleveland Indians and was the second-highest total ever, trailing only the 1906 Chicago Cubs, who went 116-36. It also broke the team record set by the Babe Ruth-Lou Gehrig team that went 110-44.
They played .700 ball in each of the first four months of the season, the first team ever to do that.
They went 61-20 in the first half of the season, the best record since baseball went to a 162-game schedule in 1961.
They took leads in 48 consecutive games starting June 28 at the Mets, a streak not broken until a 9-4 loss at Minnesota on Aug. 20.
They clinched a postseason berth on Aug. 29, the earliest in baseball history, and won their 100th game on Sept. 4, also the earliest.
They matched a team record by finishing 66 games over .500, the most in baseball since the '54 Indians went 111-43, and finished with a 22-game lead over second-place Boston, the largest victory margin ever for a Yankees team.
And all the accomplishments were spread out.

Tino Martinez (123) and Paul O'Neill (116) were the only players to drive in 100 runs. Ten players hit 10 or more home runs.

Bernie Williams won the AL batting title at .339, and Derek Jeter (.324), O'Neill (.317) and Scott Brosius (.300) all hit .300 or better.

Cone (20-7) became a 20-game winner for the first time in 10 years, David Wells went 18-4 - including his perfect game against Minnesota at Yankee Stadium on May 17 - Andy Pettitte went 16-11 and Orlando Hernandez was 12-4 after joining the team in June.

Hideki Irabu, who didn't even pitch in the postseason, was 13-9.

Mariano Rivera backed the starters with 36 saves, and all that led to a 10-game winning streak, a pair of nine-game streaks, another pair of eight-game streaks, plus a seven-game streak and a six-game streak.

After the first three games, they didn't lose three in a row until Aug. 23-26, when they dropped four straight against Anaheim and Texas.

They had a pair of three-game losing streaks in September, dropping eight of 12 as middle relievers fought injuries, then closed with seven straight wins against Cleveland and Tampa Bay. That started a stretch of 18 wins in their final 20 games, including the postseason. And they went through October without Darryl Strawberry, recovering from colon cancer surgery following his finest season since 1991.

''This ballclub, they're going to take MVP votes away from each other,'' Torre said. ''It's a great feeling for a manager to know when these guys come to the field, the only thing they're interested in is winning the game. They don't care who gets the winning hit. They all want to get the game-winning hit, but they don't want to talk about it. It's a very unusual club.''