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08-01-2007, 10:05 PM
Man I was so happy today driving down the road & listening to Tim Ryan
"who's a life long steeler fan" and Pat Kirwin at latrobe talking steeler talk
and interviewing players ~~~:tt02:

They both said that Big Ben is looking really sharp & had great composer in the pocket,,,,,,,:tt02:
Mr. Kirwin said that Lamar Woodley will have a helluva rookie season,,:tt02:

Tomlin had sepulveda kick 72 balls the other day,,,,,,,,,Just to see how he would kick with a tired leg~~~:lol:
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kevin colbert
On lamar,,,,,,,,,,He said woodley already looks like a pro~~~~:tt02:
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willie parker
Also commented on woodley,,,,,,,Saying that he's been a beast ou there !
He had to pick him up on a couple of blitz packages,,,,,,
Parker also said,hes striving to be the best RB in the league~~~:tt02:
Also saying that Big Ben has really stepped up & taken over as a leader and
he's on a mission to prove everyone wrong about judging him from last season
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also bragging on woodley,,,,,,,,,saying he's extemley surprised how quick he's
gotten the scheme down & how well he's practicing~~~~:tt02:
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his take on woodley,,,,,,,,saying that he's a real physical player and is trying really hard to prove to the coach's how bad he wants to play,,,:tt02:
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hines ward
He was saying ,,,,,,,,, at practices he leads by example,he catches over 200 balls after practice & does extra sprints & his goal is to outwork everyone in practice~~~~ :tt02: :cabbagepatch: :tt02:
He also said,the team has put last year behind them & is really exited about the spread offense,because it's really gonna keep defenses guessing
"If it's a run or pass"
Also talked a little about reid and washington,,,,,,, :blah:
Saying REID reminds him alot of how he is,,,,,,, :clap:
as for washington,,,,,,,ward said he could really have a breakout season !
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After hearing all this today ,,,,,,, I've been really ~~~~ :flex::ktrain::flex:

08-02-2007, 12:19 AM
i'm telling u all u heard it here 1st the steelers will b 12-4 baring no majory injuries

08-02-2007, 12:24 AM
i'm telling u all u heard it here 1st the steelers will b 12-4 baring no majory injuries

Hope your wrong,,,,,,,, :scratch: and they go 16-0 :lol::bluelol::lol:

Also I'll say it again ,,,,,,,, Big Ben will win comeback player of the year !
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08-02-2007, 06:16 PM
I been saying it all along too. Ben comeback playerl of the year. I too agree with 12 AND 4