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07-31-2007, 12:42 AM
Football's NFL Power Rankings
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It’s hard to believe, but the offseason is just about behind us as training camps around the league begin to show signs of life. For the most part, the dealing is done and we can get a better grasp now on what each team is going to look like heading into the 2007 season. So, with all the roster moves and coaching changes in mind, we’ve re-ranked all the teams in the NFL from top to bottom.

Look for an update prior to the open of the regular season!
1. New England Patriots (http://football.about.com/cs/teamspatriots/index.htm) (0-0)
The Patriots appear to be making a huge push for another championship this season. Could this perhaps be one last shot at glory for head coach Bill Belichick before he moves on?

2. San Diego Chargers (http://football.about.com/cs/teamschargers/index.htm) (0-0)
The Chargers are as talented as any team in the league, but Norv Turner doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record as a head coach.

3. Indianapolis Colts (http://football.about.com/cs/teamscolts/index.htm) (0-0)
Winning it all means your free agents will be in high demand during the offseason. And the Colts have paid a huge price on the defensive side of the ball in terms of starters lost. The sudden retirement of left tackle Tarik Glenn is a bit of a blow as well.

4. Chicago Bears (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsbears/index.htm) (0-0)
Inking Lance Briggs before training camp is a shot in the arm for the Bears, who figured to be in for a nasty showdown with the veteran linebacker.

5. New Orleans Saints (http://football.about.com/cs/teamssaints/index.htm) (0-0)
Expectations may be as high as they’ve ever been in New Orleans, and rightly so. The Saints came up just one game short of a trip to the Super Bowl, and didn’t suffer many losses during the offseason. Receiver Joe Horn is really the only key defection from the 2006 squad..

6. Baltimore Ravens (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsravens/index.htm) (0-0)
The Ravens have nine starters over the age of 30, so their window of opportunity may be closing in the next year or two.

7. New York Jets (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsjets/index.htm) (0-0)
The 10-6 record the Jets posted last year thanks in part to a ridiculously easy schedule might be tough to match. The Jets are projected to have one of the tougher schedules this season.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (http://football.about.com/cs/teamseagles/index.htm) (0-0)
The Eagles stay in contention year after year by making sure they are solid in the trenches. This season will be no different.

9. San Francisco 49ers (http://football.about.com/cs/teams49ers/index.htm) (0-0)
With the 49ers appearing to be on the rise, yet short-handed at wide receiver, it baffles us as to why the Seahawks handed them a No. 1 guy in Darrell Jackson for just a fourth-round draft pick.

10. Denver Broncos (http://football.about.com/od/denverbroncos/) (0-0)
In desperate need of a pass rush, the Broncos used their top two picks on defensive ends Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder, and then made the controversial pick of defensive tackle Marcus Thomas in the fourth round. The team got first-round potential in Thomas, but he carries a lot of heavy baggage into town with him.

11. Dallas Cowboys (http://football.about.com/od/teamscowboys/) (0-0)
Wade Phillips' attacking style of defense will be a great fit for the personnel on the Cowboys roster, but I’m not sure his addition as head coach is the best thing long term.

12. Tennessee Titans (http://football.about.com/cs/teamstitans/index.htm) (0-0)
Heading into the offseason, the Titans needed to find some offensive playmakers to aid quarterback Vince Young. Unfortunately, they lost more than they gained.

13. Pittsburgh Steelers (http://football.about.com/cs/teamssteelers/index.htm) (0-0)
Most of the key players from the Steelers 2005 Super Bowl run are still in place, but it will be interesting to see how the team’s 3-4 defense evolves under Mike Tomlin, whose specialty is the cover two.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsbengals/index.htm) (0-0)
Upgrading the defense was a priority for Marvin Lewis, and the unit should get some help from first-round pick Leon Hall, who, when paired with last year’s top pick Jonathan Joseph, gives the team a formidable duo at cornerback. Having last year’s supplemental pick, linebacker Ahmad Brooks, available for all the team’s offseason workouts should pay dividends as well.

15. Arizona Cardinals (http://football.about.com/cs/teamscardinals/index.htm) (0-0)
Rebuilding the offensive line is the Cardinals' biggest challenge, but they’ve got the right guys to do it in new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and line coach Russ Grimm

16. Carolina Panthers (http://football.about.com/cs/teamspanthers/index.htm) (0-0)
This is basically the same team that entered the 2006 season with a ton of hype, but this year they are flying in under the radar just a bit. They should be able to use that to their advantage.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsjaguars/index.htm) (0-0)
The Jaguars have shown some interest in former Vikings and Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper, but he may not be completely healthy until 2008 and he may not be much better than the guys they already have on their roster.

18. Seattle Seahawks (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsseahawks/index.htm) (0-0)
I’m still not sure what the Seahawks were thinking in giving away wide receiver Darrell Jackson for just a fourth-round draft pick, and to an up-and-coming division rival at that!

19. Detroit Lions (http://football.about.com/cs/teamslions/index.htm) (0-0)
There’s no shortage of optimism in Detroit, and there’s good reason for it. Maybe not for the Jon Kitna-level of optimism, but there is reason to think the Lions might not be drafting in the top ten again next year.

20.Houston Texans (http://football.about.com/cs/texans/index.htm) (0-0)
If Matt Schaub proves to be as capable as advertised, the Atlanta Falcons are going to look foolish for shipping him out of town.

21. Buffalo Bills (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsbills/index.htm) (0-0)
After losing five games by three points or fewer, there is reason for optimism in Buffalo, but they did lose some key veterans in Nate Clements, Takeo Spikes, London Fletcher-Baker, and Willis McGahee.

22. St. Louis Rams (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsrams/index.htm) (0-0)
With Leonard Little and James Hall at defensive end, the Rans are hoping rookie Adam Carriker can hold up on the inside where Jimmy Kennedy has been a bust.

23. Atlanta Falcons (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsfalcons/index.htm) (0-0)
The more the Michael Vick situation unfolds, the more it appears Joey Harrington will be leading the Falcons offense in 2007.

24. Oakland Raiders (http://football.about.com/od/teamsraiders/) (0-0)
This Raiders aren’t being given much of a chance this year, but they could improve tremendously this season anyway. They return all of their No. 3 ranked defense. They added a couple nice young weapons on offense in TE Zach Miller and RB Michael Bush. And, perhaps most important of all, they replaced an inept coaching staff.

25. Washington Redskins (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsredskins/index.htm) (0-0)
The Redskins didn’t have many draft picks, but they could soon have the best safety tandem in the league. Problem is, they’ve completely ignored their need for a pass rusher.

26. New York Giants (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsgiants/index.htm) (0-0)
Tom Coughlin is a lame duck coach who most likely will need more than just a simple appearnce in the playoffs to save his job.

27. Miami Dolphins (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsdolphins/index.htm) (0-0)
Obviously Trent Green isn’t the quarterback of the future. The question is, though, is he the QB for the present. He’s 37 years old and didn’t look like the Trent Green of old when he returned from a serious concussion late last season with the Chiefs.

28. Green Bay Packers (http://football.about.com/cs/teamspackers/index.htm) (0-0)
If some key young players come through, the Packers could be surprising this year. But the failure to pick up some veteran help at running back, wide receiver, or tight end could come back to bite them.

29. Kansas City Chiefs (http://football.about.com/cs/teamschiefs/index.htm) (0-0)
An unsettled quarterback position, questions along the offensive line, and an overworked running back are all concerns that could lead to an offensive collapse in Kansas City.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsbuccaneers/index.htm) (0-0)
The good news is the Bucs upgraded at the QB position by adding Jeff Garcia. The bad news is Jeff Garcia is the best QB on their roster.

31. Minnesota Vikings (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsvikings/index.htm) (0-0)
Tavaris Jackson will probably be the man in Minnesota this year, and there are bound to be some big growing pains for an offense that struggled mightily in 2006. Look for defenses to key on the run early and force Jackson to beat them with his arm.

32. Cleveland Browns (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsbrowns/index.htm) (0-0)
They might be at the bottom of the heap right now, but the additions of offensive tackle Joe Thomas and quarterback Brady Quinn should go a long way toward turning around the fortunes of this snake-bitten franchise.

07-31-2007, 12:10 PM
The only complaint I have is the 49ers at #9 :wtf: who's nutz is that dude trying ride?? They will definitely be better than last year but #9 :scratch:

07-31-2007, 01:43 PM
7. New York Jets (http://football.about.com/cs/teamsjets/index.htm) (0-0)[/B]
The 10-6 record the Jets posted last year thanks in part to a ridiculously easy schedule might be tough to match. The Jets are projected to have one of the tougher schedules this season.

Right...so why are they all the way up at #7 again?

07-31-2007, 01:47 PM
Right...so why are they all the way up at #7 again?

The Jets and Niners are too high.

07-31-2007, 03:59 PM
The Jets and Niners are too high.

i agree

07-31-2007, 04:38 PM
AWWWW the clowns are at the bottom who would have thought:clap::clap::clap:

07-31-2007, 07:05 PM
Jets & niners are definetly too high "like everyone's already said"
But I cannot believe they have the Titans ahead of us~~:banging:

Well these pre-season rankings are like :moon: Holes,,,,,,,,,,,,Everyone's
got one ~~~~ :haha: