View Full Version : Training camp notes

07-29-2007, 12:19 PM
Some great articles in Steel City Insider this morning. One article talks about the viscious hits being levied out by our 2 competing free safeties, Ryan Clarke and Anthony Smith. Apparently many of these viscious hits have come at the expense of Willie Reid who the article says plays without fear catching the ball in traffic. BTW he held onto the ball on each of the occasions when our competing FS's tried to knock him into the next zip code. Just hope Reid can stay healthy.

Another article talks about finding another diamond in the rough with one of our UFA's Jason Capizzi (OT). Apparently he has really impressed the coaches and has more than held his own against some of our D-line starters Aaron Smith and Brett Kiesel. Guess the mention that we got Capizzi without using a draft pick brings a big smile to the face of O-line coach Larry Zeirlein.
I am still pulling for this hometown kid and lifelong Steeler fan to make our team. At 6'9 and 315 he has tremendous upside. He played a lot of basketball and has quick feet. His size could give him a lot of leverage in both pass blocking and run blocking. And last but not least he is very young and is a lean 315....wait until he fills out that frame. Asking a D-lineman to get around this guy might someday be like asking someone to go around the "great wall of China" to get to our quarterback.