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Welcome again to another exciting edition of Friday Night Fights. This weekís bout pits two head coaching prodigies against each other in a jaw dropping struggle of offense versus defense. Although both stand behind proud and heritage rich franchises only 5 rounds of intense struggle will help define which team will return to the ring of success this season. Therefore, without further ado letís take a peek at the tale of the tape.

Cam Cameron

Birthday: February 6, 1961 Ė 46 years old
Team: Miami Dolphins
Previous Coaching Jobs: Offensive coordinator for the Chargers, Head Coach at Indiana
University, QB coach with the Washington Redskins, Graduate
Assistant and QB coach with the Michigan Wolverines
Playing Experience: Indiana University Basketball Player
Key Players Developed: Jim Harbaugh, Amani Toomer, Desmond Howard, LaDanian
Tomlinson and Drew Brees
O-Coordinator Highlights: During one season Chargers scored 446 pts., 2004 Sports
Illustrated Assistant of the Year, Tomlinson TD Record,
2007 Conference Championship Game
Years Coaching: 23
Trunk Color:Red

Mike Tomlin

Birthday: March 15, 1972 Ė 35 years old
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Previous Coaching Jobs: Vikings Defensive Coordinator, Tampa Bay Defensive Backs
Coach, University of Cincinnati, Arkansas State University,
University of Memphis and Virginia Military University
Playing Experience: 3 year starter at the College of William and Mary
Key Players Developed: Total Tampa Bay Defensive Team & Darren Sharper
D-Coordinator Highlights: Led Tampa to 3 straight seasons as the #1 ranked defense,
Tampa Bayís defensive never ranked lower than 6 during
His tenure, Super Bowl 37 victory with 5 interceptions and 3
Defensive touchdowns & Vikings ranked 8th in overall
Defense last season.
Years Coaching: 12
Trunk Color: Black

So here we go, letís go ringside as the two touch gloves in the center of the ring.

Round 1: Strength of Team

After a relatively weak opening sequence we find Tomlin steadily taking command of the round. His constant jabs are finding soft spots around Cameronís mid section. While both men stand toe to toe on defense it is clear that Tomlinís offense benefits from experience and fluidity. The experience that Big Ben, Hines Ward, and Willie Parker provide is just irrefutable. Despite his lack of offensive Cameronís defensive pressure, supported by a solid secondary and shut down line backing group, remain the only thing that has saved him from being on the receiving end of an offensive barrage. As the final bell rings Cameron uses his cerebral offensive tactics to clean up the round with a hook that dislodges Tomlinís mouthpiece. However, it is too late to save the round.

Score: Tomlin 10 Cameron 9

Round 2: Prior Coaching Experience

On paper these two men measure up relatively well. Fortunately for you fight fans that assessment has carried over into the ring. Both men bounced out of their corners on fire in this round. Cameronís 11 year advantage in experience slowly begins to shine through as he delivers a series of combinations to the right temple of Tomlin. Tomlin attempts to respond by using his championship defensive tactics but Cameronís pressure is just too great. Despite having a championship already under his belt Cameronís former head coaching experience help him deal more efficiently with the pressures surrounding his position. He uses this too his advantage as in the last minute of the round seizes the opportunity as Tomlin begins to show fatigue. He crosses a left, followed by a well placed jab that ends the round with Tomlin leaning heavily on the ropes.

Score: Cameron 10 Tomlin 9

Round 3: Fan Support

Tomlin enters the round trying to shake off the tweety birds that circled his head at the end of the last round. He circles Cameron for about 10 seconds and the delivers a series of jabs that force Cameron into a hold. Once in the hold Tomlin deals two solid upper cuts that catch Cameron under the jaw. As the two men are broken apart, Tomlin notices a slowly stream of blood trickling from Cameronís mouth. Tomlin realizes that his fans in the seats are now waving their terrible towels and chanting for an offensive pounding. Tomlin squares up, tucks his head and quickly pursues Cameron into the far corner. Cameron fights off the initial attack with a few jabs and weak hook, only to be dropped by a solid punch right above the left eye. As the ref begins his count, Cameron struggles to find his bearings but steadily climbs back to his feet. He shakes his head and tells the ref he can continue. He slowly bounces to the center of the ring and attempts to tie Tomlin up inside, once tangled he delivers a few blows to Tomlin's liver, but they virtually go unnoticed as the bell rings.

Score: Tomlin 10 Cameron 8

Round 4: Player Development

Cameron staggers back to the center of the ring clearly showing the effects of the welt that is now forming over his damaged eye. He ties Tomlin up immediately and begins to work on the inside. Once the ref breaks them up he dances around the circle and slowly works his way back into Tomlinís body. Despite Tomlinís great defensive player development he cannot compare to the solid stars Cameron has produced. As Cameron begins to gain offensive momentum back he pounds away at Tomlin with retreating jabs and in the process maintains the advantage in the round. Cameron realizes that his inside game supported by the likes of Desmond Howard and LT is unrivaled and can help put some much needed pressure on Tomlin. Tomlinís attempts to work the fight back to a distance brawl fail as Cameronís clutch and inside movements are surprisingly strong. After about 2 minutes of close quarter fighting Cameron retreats a bit and takes advantage of Tomlinís inexperience. In this regard, Tomlin misses with a right hook and gets jarred by an effective cross from Cameron. Tomlin looks stunned as he returns to his corner with a little blood coming from his nose.

Score: Cameron 10 Tomlin 9

Round 5: Franchise Success

Tomlin realizes the necessity behind finishing this fight early in the final round. If he gives Cameron a chance to utilize his strong inside game he will surely suffer the fate of a split decision. Therefore, he uses his speed to circle Cameron and dodge away from clutching attempts. Tomlin sports his new teams fabulously rich tradition and desire to win on the ends of his gloves during this round. He connects with a few Super Bowl proportioned shots to Cameronís damaged eye, causing it to almost swell shut. Cameron responds with a few Super Bowl cross overís landing them on Tomlinís chin. Tomlin, like a steel curtain stands his ground and lays Cameron out with a set up left hook. This most recent Super Bowl shot puts Cameron square on the mat and unable to return to his feet.

Score: Tomlin 10 Cameron 8

It is our opinion that despite Cameronís previous track record his inexperience in championship bouts overshadowed Tomlinís overall fighting inexperience. In the end Tomlinís tools and skills were just too powerful for Cameronís offensively predictable methods. It just goes to prove that despite years of success each fight comes down to proper support, training and desire to taste that championship flavor.

Total Score: Tomlin Wins by TKO - - 48 to 45

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Thought this was pretty cool and entertaining. :cope::cope::cope:

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Different that's for sure :popcorn: :tt02::greengrin::tt02:

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Funny stuff... :helmet:

I am always interested when a coach makes it to this level without playing college football. He may have played football in high school, but it says Cam Cameron went to Indiana and played basketball.

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The fan support should read:

Tomlin 10
Cameron 5

You know nobody has the fan base that we do ! :woot: Great stuff, thanks for sharing it. :lol:

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Different but cool.....Thanks for sharing Diesel....................

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Yeah, I thought it was way different and better then reading your everyday, this coach is better cuz and that coach is better cuz boring stuff. :lol: Your right TOP, it never shoulda made it out of the 3rd round, cuz Steeler fans are da shiat!!!!! :cope::cope::cope::cope::cope::cope::cope::cope: