07-03-2007, 04:51 AM

From Jim Price, Jeannette, Pennsylvania: Coach Tomlin stresses special teams. Daniel Sepulveda: Does that excite you that he puts so much emphasis on it?
My coach in college did the same thing. He always talked about the importance of special teams. Everybody on the team understands that. They have been around football long enough to know how important it is. To hear him say it, and say it so frequently, it helps. It's good to hear.

From Jeff Tyson, St. Louis, Missouri: Do you miss playing linebacker?
Daniel Sepulveda: I did in college, but now that I have gotten here I don't think that position would have taken me this far anyway. That is far from my mind. If I were to play another position now it would be in the defensive backfield at safety or something. After seeing these guys and how talented they are I know that wouldn't have happened either. I couldn't be happier with where God has led me and where God has put me.

From Mike Howell, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Do you anticipate being able to be let loose on special teams and go down and make big hits?
Daniel Sepulveda: I certainly won't shy away from one, but hopefully that opportunity never presents itself.

From Elliot Paul, Seattle, Washington: Did you have a favorite NFL team growing up or a player that you liked to watch?
Daniel Sepulveda: When I was younger we lived in San Francisco and I was a big 49ers fan. We moved to Dallas when I was eight. I was never the biggest Dallas fan, coming from San Francisco I never fell in love with the Cowboys. Leaving San Francisco I lost my love for the 49ers too. Through high school I wasn't a diehard NFL fan of any team. I watched all of the games.

From Bernie Cooper, Suffolk, Virginia: Do you enjoy any sports other than football? If so, what and who are your favorite teams?
Daniel Sepulveda: I enjoy watching the Dallas Mavericks finally turn it around. There is nothing like playoff hockey. It's so much different than the regular season and so much fun to watch. Now I can be a Penguins fan, which will be cool. They have a great young team. I watch any sport. I love watching golf and soccer too.

From Hillary Morgan, Warren, Ohio: Have you heard the type of football city that Pittsburgh is and does that excite you to be a part of that?
Daniel Sepulveda: Definitely. There has been a lot of talk about Pittsburgh drafting a punter. People have been talking about the video of a hit on television. It's really cool to see the city loves their football team that much to be even talking about a punter before he played in a game. It's cool and I am anxious to get started.

From Darren Sutter, Dallas, Texas: The video of your hit on a punt return really has made the rounds. What's it like to know it's so watched and appreciated?
Daniel Sepulveda: It's very cool. When it happened I didn't know it would last this long. It's now almost three years later. It's getting more hits now than when it happened. I can't tell you what I was thinking. I don't know why I was running down the field. After that I started doing it consciously. But on that particular kick I just kicked it and started jogging, my jog turned into a run and then I started sprinting down after the ball, which I have never done before. It worked out well. I got down there and the guy was coming through two defenders and my deep snapper tripped him up and was helpless there and I guess I took advantage of it.

From Mark McClain Wilson, Los Angeles, California: I have ready you can put backspin on your punts. Is this something that you developed in your kicking style, or is it something that just came naturally in your motion when you began kicking?
Daniel Sepulveda: I think it is more the nature of the kick. I watched the Cowboys Matt McBriar do that particular kick. Since I struggled with that shot up to that point in my college career I knew it was something that could be a help to me if I could execute it consistently. I started working on that. My plan was to get it down the summer before my senior year. The ACL got in the way and I had to do my best with it my senior year. It came pretty quick. It wasn't completely natural to me. It took some work to be able to get it down and kick it straight and consistently. It's going to be a great kick for me. Just the nature of the spin of the ball rotating backwards like a kickoff if it hits right it will check either sideways, straight up or come back sometimes. I can't claim it as my kick. There are so many doing it now. I was just able to pick it up quick enough.

From Glenn Roth, Lititz, Pennsylvania: What was the draft like for you, especially after the Steelers traded up to take you?
Daniel Sepulveda: It was a pretty cool deal. I don't think it hit me while it was happening. I was on the phone and they were talking about trading to come and get me. It didn't hit me until it was over but it was a cool experience and I will never forget it.

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Great read, thanks ! :towelwave: He's going to be a Pens fan too !

07-03-2007, 07:45 PM
Nice post!! If he can keep perfecting that spin on the ball...LOOK OUT!!

07-03-2007, 08:04 PM
I really, really like this guy. I think he is going to be as special as Gary Anderson was as a kicker.

K Train
07-04-2007, 02:38 PM
remember that guy who said for months that we were gonna draft him in the 4th round....hes pretty awesome.

hes gonna be great