View Full Version : CALENDAR OF THE WEIRD,,,,,,,,,,,

06-22-2007, 12:52 PM
A chronology of oddball occurences from last season,,,,,,,:scratch:

Of course I'll start with the steelers two bad happenings :cursin::banging:

SEPT. 18 : The defending superbowl champ's become the 1st team in six yeas not to advance the ball past opponent's 46-yard line,with the failure coming in a loss 9-0 to jacksonville,,,,,,,:cursin:

SEPT. 24: T.J. Doushe-man-zedeh catches two TD passes in 54 seconds apart resulting in a loss to the bengirls,,,,,:cursin:

SEPT. 17: Ryan Longwell accounts for all of the vikings'16 points in a victory
over the panthers-----with 3 field goals,TD pass on a fake fieldgoal and the
extra point.

OCT. 11: Peyton manning,who's never missed a game,misses his 1st practice ever ( attending a funeral )

OCT. 16: Collapsing against the bears,the cardinals become the 1st team to lose a game in which it holds a 20 pt lead despite not allowing an offensive TD

OCT. 22: The eagles outgain the Buc's,506 yds to 196,but lose for the 2nd week in a row on a last play fieldgoal------62 yarder by Matt Bryant :clap:

NOV. 12: Chicago's Devin Hester catches a missed fieldgoal in the end zone
while the giants run off the field, he returns it 108 yards for a TD,,,,,,,
Tying the longest play in NFL history,just 52 Sundays earlier by teammate
Nathan Vasher "WOW" :clap:

NOV. 19: Drew Brees becomes the 9th QB to pass for 500 yrds and fifth to lose a game while doing it,,,

NOV. 23: Larry Johnson has 65 carries for 311 yds in five days ....

DEC. 17: The titans top the jag's in a game in which they are out statted
as follows---396 yds,23 first downs and 44:22 time of possession to 98 yds,five first downs and 15:38 with the ball,,,,,,,,,"Sounds like our raiders game"

DEC. 31: 43 year old Vinny testarverde connects a td pass to Troy Brown
Making them the oldest pair ever to hook up for a TD,,,,,

DEC. 31: For the 1st time in 23 years,,,,,A season ends with no team having exactly 11 wins,,,,,,:scratch: