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Ask The Steelers - Matt Spaeth Part 1
Wednesday, June 13, 2007


ASK THE STEELERS - ROOKIE TIGHT END MATT SPAETH - PART 1 (http://news.steelers.com/article/76660/)

From Paul Carlisle, Sarasota, Florida: What was your first Steelers practice like for you when you came in for mini-camp?

Matt Spaeth: It was nerve-wracking. You don't know what to expect. They throw a lot at you, but it went good. The whole weekend went pretty good overall. They throw a lot at you, they expect you to know it, but they know you are going to make mistakes so it isn't so bad.

From Lou Winters, Jackson, Mississippi: Was the amount of information thrown at you from the get-go overwhelming at all? Do you feel somewhat like your head is spinning?

Matt Spaeth: Yeah, throughout the whole weekend it was. The first day wasn't so bad because you get all of the information for the installation the night before. The tough part was the second practice of the day because you get done with the first and they give you a whole packet of information and say this is what we are going to put in and we're going to practice it in two hours. You don't have time to look it over. Your head spins quite a bit the whole weekend.

From Harry Marx, Beachwood, New Jersey: How much do you think you will benefit from the team's off-season program, getting a chance to learn things before training camp arrives?

Matt Spaeth: I have been training hard on my own the last couple of months. But I think being here and being focused on everything it's going to pay its dividends.

From Randy Chase, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: How have the veterans been with you so far? Do they welcome you and offer you advice? Has any one guy been particularly helpful and how so?

Matt Spaeth: They have been really good. The veteran tight ends are really nice guys. They've helped me out a lot, telling me try this, don't do this or do that.

From Andrew Fox, Cincinnati, Ohio: From what you are hearing, what do you think will be the biggest adjust to the NFL for you?

Matt Spaeth: It's always the speed of the game. It changes, but after a few days you will get used to it. I think it's the amount of time we put in. Right now, especially the rookies, we are here for longer days and it's kind of an adjustment.

From Bill McCullough, Denver, Pennsylvania: Not long from now you will sign a contract and get a signing bonus. What's the first thing you plan on buying with that bonus?

Matt Spaeth: I don't know. I don't have one thing I would like to get for myself. I have to look for a place to stay. I will probably get my mom something.

From Jason Moore, Youngstown, Ohio: What are the strengths that you bring to the team?

Matt Spaeth: I am a team guy. I will do whatever it takes. I will play special teams. I'm always there for my team. I am a guy who is going to do whatever it takes to help this team win.

From Ruth West, Sterling, Virginia: What are your first impressions of Coach Tomlin?

Matt Spaeth: I liked him from right off the bat. I was pretty familiar with him because he was in Minnesota last year. When I met him it was a good conversation and I really like him as a coach.

From Matt Apple, Duluth, Minnesota: With the success of Heath Miller in 2005 do you think that we will run a double tight end set with you and Miller much this season?

Matt Spaeth: That's a long ways away. That is my goal but we will see how it all plays out.

From Mike Barthel, Minneapolis, Minnesota: Now that your first mini-camp is in the books. Were you already able to see the difference in the size, speed, and overall quickness of the NFL compared to college?

Matt Spaeth: It's the first thing you notice. Everybody is big and everybody is fast. The amount of information and stuff like that is an adjustment you make but you adapt relatively fast to.

The parts that stuck out to me were that he wasn't focused on what he was going to buy with that money. It may have been a fan trying to bait him, but he gave the right response. The other part was that he said, "I am a team guy. I will do whatever it takes. I will play special teams. I'm always there for my team. I am a guy who is going to do whatever it takes to help this team win."
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