View Full Version : Not sure we need to feel so bad with ben leaving

05-10-2007, 11:42 PM
Ben Wallace was just not the same player after the 2004 title. In the Lakers series he was an absolute monster, he just never got to that level again IMHO. Now that he's gotten his payday he just looks like he's going through the motions sometimes. Oh well...he's Chicago's problem now. Once again shows why Dumars is a great GM. Joe made the right call in not offering him the $60 mil....I don't really think he wouldn't be putting up a similar performance here as he has in past years if he'd have been re-signed. Ben's contributions don't always show up in the box-score - I remember counting during 1 quarter last year in the playoffs vs. the Heat, and Ben was directly or slightly indirectly responsible for something like 12 or 13 chances. His tips, positioning, boards, steals, blocks, etc are invaluable.