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04-29-2007, 01:54 AM
In the third round, the Steelers drafted tight end Matt Spaeth and sent in offensive coordinator Bruce Arians to talk to the media. He put on an interesting show:

Matt Spaeth is a 6-7 1/8, 270-pounder from Minnesota who won the Mackey Award last season as the nationís best tight end. In the last two seasons, Spaeth caught 73 passes for 897 yards and eight touchdowns.
BRUCE ARIANS, offensive coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers

What do you like about this guy?

Heís big, tall and fast, and he can block. Heís an outstanding, prototypical tight end. At 6-7 he can stretch the field, he can handle the point of attack, it gives us good flexibility to take Heath (Miller) and move him around a lot more, and also Iím a three-tight end guy. Jerame Tuman played extremely well for us the last couple years. I like having three tight ends on the field a lot of times. It gives us a good personnel group with two tight ends who can stretch the field and all three guys who can block the point of attack, so heís a very solid, solid guy.

Does this signal a shift away from the I-formation and to a one-back offense?

It gives us that flexibility. We have an outstanding fullback and we plan on using him. It gives you more things to create more problems for the defense. Without having to put another receiver in the game, we can have Heath in the slot, have Matt in there, we could have Jerame in there. It gives you a ton of flexibility.

How fast is he?

Fast enough.

Is he more wide receiver than tight end?

No, heís pure tight end. Heís very similar to Heath. He can stretch the field. Iím going to say he runs a 4.78, something close to that, 4.82. Heís like Heath. He can handle the big defensive ends, he can block outside linebackers, and he can also get down the middle. And heís a good athlete. He can play in all special teams.

Would you compare him to Matt Kranchick at all?

I hope not. I hope he makes our team. Heís that kind of athlete, yeah, but with a much better blocking background.

Bruce, in the second round you missed Dewayne Jarrett by one pick. Were you looking at that?

Heís a heck of a player. Donít know if heíd have been in our plans or not.

Would you have pushed for him?

Iíll take the fifth.

Since weíre talking about other players, what about Tony Hunt? I thought heíd have been a nice pick here.

Thereís a lot of things that can happen tomorrow. I donít see that need as much as what weíve got. Tonyís speed bothers me a little bit but he is a very productive player, and thereís a need for a bigger back, but Najeh (Davenport) gives us that too and Iím really pleased with him.

Did this guy block (LaMarr) Woodley at all?

Yeah, thereís a great shot on his first highlight of him cracking back. He did an unbelievable job in motion cracking back trying to kill people and it mightíve been him on the first play of that thing. Iím not sure who he cracked back on. (Spaeth later said it wasnít Woodley).

Didnít Spaeth have a shoulder injury?

Oh yeah. Thatís been well documented and taken care of. Like Heath, I think he slid because of not being able to work out till late, missing most of the combine. I think we got a steal.

Kevin Colbert said last Monday that in the first round he wouldnít draft a tight end or quarterback. What made this guy so attractive in the third round as opposed to the first?

I think this is the time that we wanted one and this was a guy that we had targeted and really liked. We were ecstatic that he fell to us. We had three names and they were popping off like firecrackers right there. We just held our breath that heíd stay right there.

Did you satisfy your pass-catching needs with this pick?

Totally. Totally.

You wonít be looking at receiver the rest of the way?

For a receiver to make our squad, theyíre going to have to be able to play special teams and do some other things. This is a tough group to crack.

Was Yamon Figurs in that group of three?

Yeah (laughs), he can do a lot of things (laughs). Youíve got to have some other skills to come in and break into this lineup. I probably have a higher regard of our receivers since I coached them.

By Jim Wexell
Posted Apr 28, 2007

I'm sloooooowly warming up to Spaeth but I think he still could've been had in the later rounds.

04-29-2007, 02:01 AM
Me too Deez,,,,,,,, Later rounds would've been more understanding :popcorn:

We'll just have to see how it all unfolds in camp & pre-season :popcorn:

04-29-2007, 02:06 AM
I'm still a little weary of drafting Spaeth. I really like Miller and don't quite understand this pick :dunno: Another TE could have been found later in the draft but I just don't get it. I'm sure I'll come around eventually once I see how this dude does on the field, but at this time I'm not particularly happy with the pick.

04-29-2007, 10:28 AM
Ok let's see here a minute. Everything Ive heard about this guy from the scouting reports and on NFLN says that he is a great blocking TE, but only an average receiving TE, yet Arians tells us that he can stretch the field and we satisfied our pass catching needs ??? :wtf:

This tells me that he is happy with Ward, Holmes, Washington, Wilson, Reid, and Heath Miller as our primary weapons in the passing game, which is fine with me...but sitting there and saying that Spaeth solved the need you had going in?? I don't get it !

04-29-2007, 01:28 PM
Stuck in cleveland without cable sucks. But this is the same **** that Arians try to do with the Clowns and you see what happened there. Ya Browns suck but if you are anything of a OC you can turn things around...Instead,he was shown the door. I just don't see this pick being in our favor but I'll wait and see.