View Full Version : If the steelers had the #1 pick

04-25-2007, 03:29 PM
Who would they take and you cant say trade down

I say they would take Calvin Johnson he is just so sick and they got get spencer with the 1st pick of the 2nd round prolly

04-25-2007, 03:46 PM
Joe Thomas and make him a guard get Spencer in the second and Hunt in the third

04-25-2007, 06:45 PM
I would go with Calvin Johnson too--but then he's one of those "almost too good to be true" athletes that sometimes end up bein a bust. Hope that isn't the case for whoever gets him though.

04-25-2007, 07:56 PM
i'd go with calvin.......damn, ward, calvin, holmes, and heath would be beastly........

04-25-2007, 08:38 PM
Man, I wanna say Russell....but if they picked up Calvin...hell my mom could QB the team.

04-25-2007, 08:40 PM
I wouldn't be sold on Thomas. I'd let the Browns pick him up. :lol: Imagine if the Poz just happened to fall to the Steelers.... I'm just hoping the Steelers take Troy Smith in the first round. :lol:

04-25-2007, 08:45 PM
They would trade down and save cap room. They don't go for flashy players.

04-25-2007, 08:46 PM
i'd go with calvin.......damn, ward, calvin, holmes, and heath would be beastly........

But would we have the cap room?

04-25-2007, 08:54 PM
If we had the money to spend on a Calvin Johnson he'd almost be a no brainer, but more than likely I could see us trading down several spots and picking up and extra 2nd and 3rd round pick.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-25-2007, 09:00 PM
It would be Calvin Johnson no doubt. He is the best player in this draft and is going to be a great player.

04-25-2007, 09:10 PM
Looks like it's unanimous,,,,,,,,CJ :popcorn:

04-25-2007, 09:36 PM
I said you couldnt say they would trade down

04-25-2007, 11:01 PM
I say take Russell and trade him to the browns for Cameron Wimbley and a 2nd and 3rd round pick!!!!!

04-25-2007, 11:07 PM
But would we have the cap room?

you're looking way to deep into this lol........ this is just an if question, and if they are picking number 1 they probably do

and remember, these big dollars these high picks get is just bonus money, the actual contact that goes against the cap isn't all that high

K Train
04-25-2007, 11:43 PM
obviously johnson....wow

if we had #2 i want adams though