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04-20-2007, 08:40 PM
Q&A: Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger By SteelCityInsider.com

Posted Apr 20, 2007

Ben Roethlisberger fielded questions from the media horde on the first day of the Steelers' volunteer minicamp. Here's the transcipt:

BEN ROETHLISBERGER, quarterback, Pittsburgh Steelers

How do you feel?

Good. Itís good to be back out there. Some new things, new faces all around. It was good to get back out on the field.

Is the offense noticeably different?

Itís a little different with some of the calls. I almost feel like I am a rookie again with a little more knowledge than I had the first time around. All of us, all of the quarterbacks, are working together at this point, talking and asking each other what we see and if we did anything right or wrong. (This is a great sign, I also read that Ben is really studying that playbook day in and day out even when he travels. He even said, some of the plays are complicated to comprehend, therefore, he is doing his part in studying the new offensive packages. These minicamps are, in my opinion, extremely important to be there.)

Do you feel youíve become one of the leaders?

On the field he is putting more control in my hands, making the calls and making sure I make the change myself. In that aspect, yeah. Like I say every year, I am not going to step on anybodyís toes. Alan Faneca and Hines Ward are our captains on offense and they are still our leaders. I am just assuming the role with them. (What's going to happen if Faneca keeps being the whining bitch he is being these days? Are you going to be able to step to the plate, Ben? If I was Ben, I start learning how to be a field general in an overall agenda. Since I seen this quote, "He is putting more control in my hands, making the calls and making sure I make the change myself", this right there is getting me very concerned. Are we going to have a repeat of last season or are we going to see the flashes of the Old Ben Roethlisberger we are accustomed to knowing?)

Will more responsibility in your hands be a big difference?

It makes it tougher right now. Initially it makes it a lot harder because there are a lot more things. You break the huddle and you forget what you called it on. You forget what the protections are. Right now itís tough, but once we get the hang of it, it will make it a lot easier and better. (I sure hope so, Ben, cause the Steeler Nation will ride your hide if you don't. Reality speaking)

Do you like to have that on your shoulders?

It makes it easier because there wonít be as much complications. There still will be complications. Iím still going to screw up. Weíre not going to be 100 percent clicking on every single play, but hopefully we can on most plays. (That is acceptable, but Ben, we learn from screws up, but last year you kept doing it over and over and over like a constant repetition. This season, I hope you got your mentality on.)

Howís Mike Tomlin?

Heís a great guy. He didnít try to do too much, which was one of the questions: Is he going to come in and yell and scream at everybody, what is he going to do? He came in and was as calm, cool and collected as he seems. (Coach Tomlin got off to a fine start according to the players, being calm, cool, and collected in the way to go.)

With a new coach, is minicamp more important?

Itís important because we want to improve. We want to do good for him. We want to do good for all of the players, coaches and the fans. Itís important we come out and play better and it starts now. (This is why voluntary or mandatory, its should be where all the players are there and wanting to click in Chemistry, Rhythm, and apperance. )

Whatís going on with Alan Faneca?

Alan is going through a lot right now. He has every right. He is a leader and probably the best guard in this game. I talked to everybody and told them if Alan doesnít want to be here, he doesnít have to be here. He is the best. I am not going to hold any grudge against him. When he comes, he is going to continue and fit right back into the slot of being the best guard in this game. (I am sure Ben will hold grudges if Alan start slacking off on his game, either he is going to face the facts that this could very well be his last season in Pittsburgh and play like an All-Pro, or be the whining bitch he's been displaying about his contract and be a **** poor player. I pray for the better of the two.)

Will he block for you this season?

I hope so. (You better damn pray he does.)

With the loss of Joey Porter on the heels of losing Jerome Bettis, does this put a bigger burden on you?

It makes it quieter. We miss all of those guys, whatever reason they left, we always miss those guys. You can never replace them. Everybody just fits into their relationship as it fits. (good call, Ben)

How about your relationship with Tomlin compared to Bill Cowher?

It will definitely be different because Coach Cowher was here before I got here. Our relationship wasnít great because he was here before I got here and I was just a young kid. Coach Tomlin and I are rookies together in a sense so I think we will have a better relationship. (Nice.)

What about working under Bruce Arians?

Just the philosophy he brings to the offense, the schemes. He did a lot of our passing game last year as a wide receivers coach and now he is in charge of it. I think right now, after half a day of practice, it seems like it is going to work good. (I hope so, I wasn't so confidence with this fool in Cleveland, but again, you have a much better offensive scheme in Pittsburgh, maybe Arians will actually be successful, time will tell)

Do you assume youíll pass more often?

I am not going to assume anything now.

What can you tell us about Kenny Anderson?

As a quarterback coach you are a buffer between the coordinator and the quarterback. I am going to miss Mark Whipple. I thought he did a great job here. Coach Anderson will do a great job. (Missing Whipple already, this is going to be the one where the Steeler Nation is going to watch like a hawk this season.)


04-20-2007, 08:51 PM
I like Ben's attitude, he's got the right frame of mind going into the season. He took a couple months off to relax and now he's back at it learning the new playbook and working on the offense and timing with his teammates.

Im looking forward to a great year for Ben ! Im also glad he and the rest of the team are taking the stance on Alan that they aren't judging him or holding any grudges. They all know what his situation is and what he's done for the team,and Im sure they know he'll be there when the time comes to play.

strong D
04-20-2007, 08:59 PM
Very good interview {well at least in terms of his answers-smart}