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04-14-2007, 01:32 PM
Much hoopla over steroids in baseball as of late. Bonds hits two more homers and everyone is counting the days til he breaks the record. Here's my question. Why allow him to break the record if you don't want him to have the record? If you thought Emmit Smith was dirty there was little you could do to stop him. As a coach you have to play him and as an opponent he still has to be stopped. In baseball the scenario is quite different. The opposing coach may opt to not pitch to Bonds or the pitcher could just flat put plunk him every time he came to the plate. Knowing full well steroids played a part in our early SB wins, the argument for then is it was not illegal. Today it is illegal and shouldn't be tolerated, should that be the end of the story? On the other hand you have to be realistic and realize Bonds is a phenomenal athlete and skilled baseball player. The ball may go farther but who can be sure he wouldn't have hit these homers without steroids. He still has to know when to swing and actually hit the ball. Players will risk their lives for the money and glory and we will watch, even if we are morally opposed to their decision.

04-14-2007, 02:46 PM
Bonds is not the only player. Who took steriods. Players have taken steroids since the 80's. Who cares?

But now if he gets convicted for tax evasion?