View Full Version : My Steelers Mock v2

04-09-2007, 06:12 PM
Well I said I would update it and here it is. I think my picks here are better. This just rounds 1-3. I think beyond 1-3 is near impossible to get and don't worry K-Train I still have us taking Dan Sepulveda. I did change every pick and I hope you enjoy:

1. Lawrence Timmons, FSU. Well forget about Bowe. Mike Tomlin is a defensive guy and Timmons would fill a hole that Joey left. Lawrence is physical and very, very athletic. I think we need an athletic Linebacker to make a an aging core younger. One thing he needs to work on is leadership. It should not be that hard with James Harrison and Clark Haggans would tutor him just fine.

2. Tony Hunt, Penn State. Tony Hunt is a powerful, powerful runner. He could definitely spell Willie in special ways. He has incredible character and great work ethic. He runs harder as the game goes along. Tony fits our offense better than any back in this. He smart, unstands the game a lot, has no injuries that hurt his durability. Tony has one trait that I think is most important to us: He moves the chains. This what the Steelers lacked somewhat especially on the road. Tony would be a steal and unpgrade for a Steeler team that had trouble running on the road.

3. Samson Satele, Hawaii. Samson is a very raw center prospect, but very talented with a ton of potential. Samson is a fun-loving guy who is a great leader with outstanding work ethic. He is very durable and had no real injuries. Of course, he will have to sit behind Chukky or Simmons or whoever takes the center job. He is a physical center who needs to work on his mobility and movement in space. Those are stuff that Chukky or Simmons could help him with.