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04-03-2007, 06:19 PM
I just put our names on a pieces of paper and put them in my spurs hat and shook it and drew the names out from there lol, so this is the order of our picks

1. keep the talk in this thread http://www.steeleraddicts.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5185, this thread is just for picks
2. two round draft
3. Must have the players HT and WT
4. A review why you selected this player
5. Little overview of the player.
6. Maximum of 8 hrs starting after pick one you will have for each selection. If you know your not going to be here pass your spot along or send a pm to someone with your selections. after 24 hours are up, you lose the pick and i will reorder the names that draft for the team
7. I know this is a steelers site, but lets keep the picks totally unbiased when we are picking for rival teams.....
8. I'll send you a page when it is your turn to make the pick

First Round

1. Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell QB LSU Correct
2. Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson WR Georgia TechCorrect
3. Cleveland Browns - Adrian Peterson HB Oklahoma Wrong actual pick- Joe Thomas
4. Tampa Bay Bucs - Gaines Adams DE Clemson Correct
5. Arizona Cardinals - Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin Wrong actual pick- Levi Brown
6. Washington Redskins - Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas Wrong actual pick- Laron landry
7. Minnesota Vikings - LaRon Landry S LSU Wrong actual pick- Adrian Peterson
8. Atlanta Falcons - Adam Carriker DE Nebraska Wrong actual pick- Jamaal Anderson
9. Miami Dolphins - Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame Wrong actual pick- Ted Gin Jr.
10. Houston Texans – Levi Brown OT Penn Wrong actual pick- Amobi Okoye
11. San Francisco 49ers - Alan Branch DT Michigan
12. Buffalo Bills - Marshawn Lynch RB Cal
13. St. Louis Rams - Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
14. Carolina Panthers - Greg Olsen TE Miami
15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Anthony Spencer DE Purdue
16. Green Bay Packers – Reggie Nelson S Florida
17. Jacksonville Jaguars - Patrick Willis ILB Miss
18. Cincinnati Bengals - Leon Hall CB Michigan
19. Tennessee Titans - Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
20. New York Giants - Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
21. Denver Broncos - Jarvis Moss DE Florida
22. Dallas Cowboys - Chris Houston CB Arkansas
23. Kansas City Chiefs - Ted Ginn Jr. WR OSU
24. New England Patriots (from Seattle) - Paul Posluszny LB Penn State
25. New York Jets - Darrelle Revis CB Pitt
26. Philadelphia Eagles - Brandon Meriweather S Miami
27. New Orleans Saints - Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
28. New England Patriots - Michael Griffin S Texas
29. Baltimore Ravens - Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
30. San Diego Chargers - Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
31. Chicago Bears - Jon Beason OLB Miami
32. Indianapolis Colts – Justin Harrell DT tennessee

Second Round

33. Oakland - Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
34. Detroit Lions - Aaron Ross CB Texas
35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
36. Cleveland Browns - Eric Wright CB UNLV
37. Chicago Bears (from Washington through New York Jets) - Zach Miller TE ASU
38. Arizona Cardinals - Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio State
39. Atlanta Falcons (from Houston) - Ryan Kalil C USC
40. Miami Dolphins - Top Gun - Justin Blalock OG Texas
41. Minnesota Vikings - Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
42. San Francisco 49ers - Anthony Gonzalez WR OSU
43. Buffalo Bills - Tanard Jackson CB Syracuse
44. Atlanta Falcons - Marcus McCauley CB Fresno St.
45. Carolina Panthers - David Harris ILB Michigan
46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Arron Sears OL Tennessee
47. Green Bay Packers - Tony Hunt RB Penn State
48. Jacksonville Jaguars - Eric Weddle S Utah
49. Cincinnati Bengals - DeMarcus Tyler DT North Carolina St.
50. Tennessee Titans - Brian Leonard RB Rutgers
51. New York Giants - Michael Bush RB Louisville
52. St. Louis Rams - Daymeion Hughes CB Cal
53. Dallas Cowboys - LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan
54. Kansas City Chiefs - Manuel Ramirez OG Texas Tech
55. Seattle Seahawks - Ben Patrick TE Delaware
56. Denver Broncos - Jason Hill WR Washington St.
57. Philadelphia Eagles - Kenny Irons HB Auburn
58. New Orleans Saints - Fred Bennett CB South Carolina
59. New York Jets - Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
60. Miami Dolphins (from New England) - Josh Beekman OG Boston College
61. Baltimore Ravens - Brandon Siler LB Florida
62. San Diego Chargers - H.B. Blades LB Pittsburgh
63. New York Jets (from Chicago) - Rufus Alexander LB Florida
64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Indianapolis) - Steve Smith WR USC

04-03-2007, 06:59 PM
With the first pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Oakland Raiders select...

JaMarcus Russell - QB/LSU

HT:6-5 WT:265

The Raiders need help in a lot of areas but the best place to start is with a franchise quarterback and Russell has all the tools to be just that. There are other players worthy of the first pick as well, but it's hard to pass on a quarterback with so much potential.

Russell has great size and will likely have the strongest arm in the NFL the moment he signs on the dotted line. He has the accuracy to fit balls between defenders and the range to throw one beautiful deep ball. He is a good scrambler and throws well on the run. He's a tough kid who plays well under pressure and should develope into a leader at the next level.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-03-2007, 07:26 PM
With the 2nd pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Detroit Lions select

Calvin Johnson-WR/Georgia Tech

HT-6-4 WT-210

The Lions have alot of needs and WR isn't a big one for the Lions. Plus the Lions have spent three first round picks on WR's in the past four drafts. But there is noway you can pass on the best overall prospect in this years draft and thats the reason for the pick.

Calvin Johnson has the size and the speed to dominate the NFL. He also has very good hands and runs sharp/precise routes. Is big and tough to tackle. Plus has a great attitude and work ethic. He is the anti-T.O. The only negative on Johnson could be his blocking which he has the size to be a very good blocker but must work harder at it.

04-03-2007, 07:47 PM
With the third pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Cleveland Browns select:

Adrian Peterson-HB-Oklahoma

HT: 6'1" WT: 217

The Browns have beefed up their OL through FA's. Their other need are DL, QB and RB. I'm not sold on Quinn and between Frye and Anderson, they can make the QB position work. They signed J. Lewis to a 1 year contract so that right there shows he's not their answer in the backfield. Peterson is a rare gifted athlete who will be around for a long time.

He has a rare combination of power and speed for a running back. He is a physical player who would rather hit, than be hit. His lower body strength and physical style allow him to power through arm tackles on the second level. Has the ability to be a true workhorse and seems to get better as the game goes on.

His blend of speed and quickness is at an elite level for a big back. He seems to take the handoff already at full speed, quickly hitting the hole with authority. His feet and quickness are outstanding at his size, allowing him to change directions quickly either in the backfield or in the open field. When he does change directions, he can get back to full speed quickly with his excellent burst and acceleration.

His vision may be his best attribute. As fast as he is, his eyes may be even faster. He can see the holes before they open, and he can read and react to cutback lanes or find opportunities to bounce it outside. He is a leader by example, who plays hurt and plays with passion.

04-03-2007, 09:09 PM
With the 4th pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Tampa Bay Bucs Select:

Gaines Adams
Height: 6-5
Weight: 260
Position: Defensive End
College: Clemson
Has that sudden burst needed to surprise a lethargic blocker coming off the snap and also hows the range and pursuit quickness to chase down ball carriers turning the corner as well as demonstrating good balance and body control working through trash. Gaines displays good reverse spin moves to apply backside pressure and has the valid foot quickness and backpedal to drop back in zone coverage … Needs to add bulk, but compensates by utilizing his quickness to defeat blocks, fight pressure and work back to the ball and he Has the explosive burst to close on the quarterback once he clears the line of scrimmage. Phenominal hand movement, his arms are moving all the time and with a huge height advantage and leaping ability to obstruct the quarterback's passing view, and times his leaps well to bat down a good share of passes at the line of scrimmage.

I chose him because the Bucs need to beef up their defense. Gaines Adams would not be a bad addition to the line, especially with White going into free agency and Rice getting older.

K Train
04-04-2007, 08:15 PM
With the fifth pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Arizona Cardinals select:

Joe Thomas OT/Wisconsin

HT: 6-7 WT:310

Thomas who on some websited is listed as 6-8 is a premier OL. He is a very good run blocker who does a good job of finishing his blocks, but he is an even better blindside pass protector. His quick feet, good balance, and near flawless technique make him an ideal left tackle prospect. Thomas has all of the intangibles you could want from a player on your team. He is an extremely hard worker who is constantly trying to improve his game. He is an intelligent player who has been an honor student everywhere he has been and he is a person of impeccable character.

At pick number 5, this future superstar is there for a team with a DESPERATE need for an offensive line upgrade...they cannot and will not pass on him, in fact, coach whiz may have pissed his pants when he found out that Thomas was still there, especially with high demand for top offensive lineman and the struggling olines that all picked 1-4.....they are very happy to have such a prospect fall to them, he will be a star in an up and coming franchise for years to come.

04-06-2007, 04:20 PM
With the Sixth Pick The Washington Redskins Select:

Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas

HT 6'5
WT 288

the redskins need a pass rusher and a good run stopper, anderson will provide that for them here, if gaines adams is here he's their pick, but since he went earlier, they get the second best DE in the draft

Has great size with a large frame and long arms...A smooth athlete with excellent agility...Strong and powerful...Terrific pass rusher who can be effective with either a bull-rush or finesse moves...Does a quality job versus the run...Motor runs non-stop...Very good in pursuit and has a burst to close...Is versatile and could play a number of different roles depending on the scheme he is in...Has a ton of upside.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-06-2007, 04:54 PM
With the 7th pick the Minnesota Vikings select

LaRon Landry-S/LSU


With Adams and Anderson off the board and the fact Darren Sharper is getting up there in age is the reason I made Landry the pick. I think DE is a bigger need but no DE left are worth the 7th overall pick.

Landry excels in all types of coverage. He has great run/pass recognition and does not get fooled by play-action fakes or misdirection plays. Has the elite speed and explosive closing burst to finish. Delivers violent hits. Gets outside quickly to make interceptions or break up passes. Gets physical with receivers when going for the ball. Landry is also solid in run support. The bottom line Landry is not only the best safety in this draft but the best DB. He has the physical tools plus great instincts, toughness and competitive-ness to be a great NFL player.

K Train
04-07-2007, 12:57 AM
with the 8th pick the falcons select

Adam Carriker DE 6-6 292


Has outstanding size and a big frame...Has tremendous strength and is extremely powerful...Holds his ground and is exceptional against the run...Has a motor that never stops...Solid tackler...Instinctive and pursues well...Is technically sound and uses his hands well...Is versatile and could play a number of different roles and positions...Very productive...Tough guy and a hard worker with great intangibles.

Well since Vick sucks, they will obviously address the defense, Brady Quinn would be to good of a pick for all there 1st round WRs. Carriker can immediately fill the void left by Kerney, hes got good size and is very powerful, will be a force against the run and can pressure the QB

04-07-2007, 01:05 AM
Miami Dolphins select Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame

HT 6'3
WT 232

the dolphins seem to be pretty set on defense, they could up grade the secondary, but that could be addressed in the second round, the dolphins main weakness is the offense, they still have culpepper, but there's still questions if he'll ever be the same again, drafting quinn here would give them their future at qb, he's also the most ready qb to come out and start right away just in case culpepper still sucks because he played in a pro type system

Has prototypical size...Hard worker and a leader with elite intangibles...Smart and does not make many mistakes with the ball...Very strong and does not go down easily...Arm strength is excellent...Is mechanically and technically sound...A good athlete who can move in the pocket and scramble a bit...Has a lot of experience against top-notch competition...Knows how to read a defense and has been well schooled in a pro-style offense by a noted quarterback guru...Is very tough and durable and has never missed any action despite taking quite a beating at times during his career...A clutch player who has come through big in tough situations and plays his best when the game is on the line...Is accustomed to the spotlight.

04-07-2007, 11:22 AM
Houston Texans select OL Levi Brown
Height: 6-51/2 | Weight: 323 | 40-Time: 5.39

The Texans need an olineman so bad i think everyone saw what happen to daivd carr and if Matt is ever gonna do something with the texans he needs some to block so he can throw the ball

Has excellent size with a huge frame and long arms...A superb athlete with good quickness for his size...Moves well and has nimble feet...Once he is able to lock on it's over...Slides well and can handle speed off the edge...Strong and able to stun with his initial punch...Solid run blocker who gets a pretty good push...Has 4 years of starting experience versus top competition...Smart, hard working and a leader.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-09-2007, 05:32 PM
With the 11th pick in the SA Mock Draft the San Francisco 49ers select

Alan Branch DT/Michigan


The 49ers have a bigtime need for a NT for their 3-4 scheme that Coach Mike Nolan runs. I thought about OLB or WR for the 49ers since those are needs as well but Branch fills a need and is the best NT in this draft.

Consistently clogs the middle. Sheds one-on-one blocks and makes tackles at the line of scrimmage. Holds his ground against double-teams to keep linebackers clean to make the play. When bull rushing aggressively, can drive linemen into the quarterback's lap and finish sacks with one arm. Lacks burst off the snap to shoot gaps. Has no real moves other than the bull rush. Gets hands up to tip passes when not close enough to hit the quarterback. Is good at getting set and taking on blocks at the line of scrimmage. Lacks the explosiveness to shoot gaps and penetrate the backfield consistently.

Identifies plays quickly, and then locates the ball. Despite good instincts, doesn't make much of an impact against the pass. Plays surprisingly fast to chase down running backs between the tackles, but lacks the elite speed to make plays toward the sidelines. Is strong, and has long arms to tackle well. Can pull ballcarriers to the ground even when in bad position.

04-09-2007, 05:43 PM
Buffalo Bills select Marshawn Lynch RB Cal

HT 5'11
WT 217

the bills traded willis mcgahee and now have no one to carry the load, lynch can come in and start right away to help the not so good qb they have

Lynch is the total package. He has very good size for a running back, and he is a good interior runner. He attacks the hole, and has the ability to break tackles. Once through the hole, he has the elusiveness to make people miss, and the speed to outrun defenders. Lynch has the big play ability that teams crave, but the steady ability to run between the tackles. He has also shown the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and make things happen.

K Train
04-09-2007, 05:49 PM
with the 13 pick the rams select

Amobi Okoye DT Louisville

6-2 302

Extremely strong...A solid athlete with good measurables...Stout against the run and is able to take on multiple blockers...Gets a good push and will collapse the pocket...Is able to shed blocks and clog up the middle...Shows great instincts for the game and is still developing...Smart player who is mature beyond his years and wants to improve...Quick and will penetrate and rush the passer...Still has a ton of potential and he could really be physically molded by a pro strength coach.

Rams defense is sorry, always has been, this guy is a rock and has a can get after the QB while being solid in the run game

04-10-2007, 03:52 PM
Carolina Panther Take

Height: 6-57/8 | Weight: 254 | 40-Time: 4.51

At one time Wesley Walls was a crucial piece of the Panthers offense but in recent years offensive coordinator Dan Henning deemphasized the position and as a result they just don't have a great weapon there now. However, Henning is now gone and his replacement Jeff Davidson wants to integrate the tight end back into the passing game so with that being the case Greg Olsen would make a lot of sense here. Even though Olsen struggled as a junior due in large part to poor quarterback play his stock is on the rise now after a sensational workout at the Combine in which he wan a 4.51 forty. In a down year for the tight end position Olsen is easily the cream of the crop and perhaps the one guy available who can stretch the seam vertically. This may be a slight reach but Carolina, Green Bay and Cincinnati could all consider him in the Top 20 and if you want an impact tight end this may be your first and last chance to get him. LaRon Landry and Levi Brown would garner strong consideration if available too but when you consider how much better Olsen is than the other tight end alternatives he may be real tough to pass up.

Has ideal height as well as the frame to get bigger...He has very good hands...A terrific athlete with fantastic timed speed...Runs excellent routes and knows how to get open...A much better blocker than he is given credit for...Can create after the catch...Somewhat of a wide receiver in a tight end's body and was really the Hurricanes top target at times...Still has some upside...Is also able to long-snap.

04-11-2007, 02:41 AM
With the 15th pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select:

Anthony Spencer DE Purdue

Ht: 6'3
Wt: 266

Bottom line is we need a playmaker who has the ability to disrupt the OL, get sacks and create havoc in the backfield. I've been researching for a couple of days now on who would be able to do all this. Spencer is the one who fits the bill.

Spencer had a tremendously productive college career. He was a three year starter and has always been a sack master. Decent size and strength. Excellent speed. Quick feet. Good technique. Shows a variety of pass rush moves. Has the necessary tools to play outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Is a pass rush extraordinaire. Makes up ground in a hurry and always is near the ball. High motor and plays at 110%. Chooses lanes wisely and won't waste movements.

04-11-2007, 07:29 PM
With the 16th pick in the SA Mock Draft the Green Bay Packers select:

Reggie Nelson S/Florida

HT: 5-11 WT: 200

In a perfect world there would be a stud runningback worthy of taking this early, but there isn't. The Packers could use help in a lot of areas but you can't miss with Nelson...

Great athlete with the best ball skills of any defensive back in the draft. He is a great leaper who plays the ball at it's highest point, shows great body control. He plays hard and hits harder... he may be small but he embraces the position and plays with a mean disposition. His ability to read and react is "Ed Reed-like". Nelson is a couple inches and a few pounds shy of everthing you want in a safety.

K Train
04-11-2007, 08:08 PM
With the 17th pick the jaguars select Patrick Willis ILB Miss

6-1 242

A very good athlete...Has excellent instincts...Good speed and quickness with the range to go sideline-to-sideline...A big hitter and reliable tackler...Is strong and powerful...Was extremely productive...Versatile and could conceivably play either inside or outside...Good pass rusher on blitzes...Tough guy who will do whatever it takes to get on the field...Hard worker and a leader with top-notch intangibles.

The jags are stunned he fell this far, take him with no hesitation to make an already stingy defense even better, and with peterson going down with a knee injury last year, this just bolsters their depth

04-12-2007, 03:40 PM
The Bengals Take CB Leon Hall
Height: 5-111/4 | Weight: 193 | 40-Time: 4.39

The Bengals need help at defense alot and they are very thin at CB. And I feel he is the best CB in the draft

Very good size...A smooth athlete with fluid hips and great quickness...Physical, tough and aggressive...Does an outstanding job in run support and is a reliable tackler...A playmaker with great hands and ball skills...Very smart with excellent instincts and awareness...Is technically and fundamentally sound...Versatile and has also seen some action at safety...Hard worker with premier intangibles...Has a lot of experience against Big Ten competition...Answered questions regarding his timed speed at the Combine...Also offers some potential as a punt returner.

04-12-2007, 10:13 PM
Titans select Robert Meachem WR Tennessee

HT 6'2
WT 214

reason: this was a very hard pick because of what happened with pac man jones being a complete waste of talent, because now they also have a pressing need at the corner........but in the end, the great vince young :lol: needs help on offense, he has a 800 pound running back and then a bunch of reject wr's, so picking a local talent will feel a need........he's has nice size, very nice speed.....he will be what vince was missing last year and that's a true number 1 target.........they could also go with jarrett but he's slipped a lot with poor workouts, or they could go with bowe, but i feel Robert Meachem, we end up being better then them............

Has terrific timed speed and quickness with a burst...Excellent size and he knows how to use it...Has a pretty solid build and the frame to bulk up further...Has long arms...Elusive and runs well after the catch...Shows some power and he'll break tackles...Has big hands and will snatch the ball out of the air...A big play threat in the vertical passing game...Coming off his best season and still has some upside.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-13-2007, 07:32 PM
With the 20th pick in the 2007 SA Mock Draft the New York Giants select

Lawrence Timmons-OLB/Florida State


This pick is a no brainer. The Giants couldn't pass on the best pure OLB in the draft and instant play-maker for their defense.

From the strong side, controls cutbacks and comes down the line aggressively to make tackles in pursuit. Takes on lead blockers and offensive linemen, holds his ground and clogs the hole.Lacks experience as a blitzer. In college, usually lined up as a defensive end in passing situations. Can run around offensive tackles or beat them with quick, strong hands. Hits quarterbacks violently. In coverage, is polished and instinctive. Drops quickly and smoothly into zone coverage. Reads quarterbacks well, and closes quickly on the ball. Covers tight ends well man-to-man downfield. Shows the awareness to pick up tight ends on delayed releases after play-action fakes.

Is almost always the last member of the front seven moving after the snap, but consistently reads the play. Does not get fooled by play-action fakes or misdirection plays, and consistently sticks to his assignment. Accelerates to full speed in a flash on runs away from him. Can chase down plays from behind. Does not move quickly through traffic. Consistently makes tackles, and can deliver violent hits. Does not always use good technique, missing some tackles.

04-13-2007, 07:52 PM
Denver Broncos select Jarvis Moss DE Florida

HT 6'6
WT 250

reason: the broncos would like to upgrade their DE position, and moss would be a nice addition, he was beastly in his biggest game of his life......

Has great height with long arms...Possesses a big, rangy frame that he can still add weight to...An outstanding athlete...Good timed speed...Quick and agile with a great first step...Excellent in pursuit and has a burst to close...Is versatile and could play multiple positions...Changes directions well...Has a good motor...Plays with terrific leverage...Smooth with fluid hips...Is still improving and has upside.

04-14-2007, 03:27 PM
With the 22nd pick in the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Dallas Cowboys select...

Chris Houston CB/Arkansas

HT: 5-10 WT: 185

Dallas needs some help in the secondary... and at free safety more than anything. Roy Williams can play in the box as well as anyone but his coverage skills are an obvious weakness. Last season rookie Pat Watkins was givin a chance to start before being burnt on severall occasions and eventually yanked and replaced by a couple veterans. Their cornerbacks (Terrence Newman & Anthony Henry) are solid, but there is talk of moving Henry to free safety and with the selection of Houston it is now possible. If there was a safety worthy of taking here they would, but you can't pass on Houston. Ted Ginn Jr. was tempting...

Chris Houston is one of the best press corners to come out of the draft in years. He's a great athlete who is strong (benches 450 lbs. & did 27 reps at the combine) and agile, he plays very aggressive but has the ability to recover well. He is still very raw... more of an athlete than a student of the position. He can be coached up at the next level... we don't know much about how he plays the run, how he does in zone coverage, and how he does backpedaling as he was in press coverage most of his career. Potentially a shut down corner.

04-15-2007, 10:29 AM
With the 23rd pick in the 2007 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select:

Ted Ginn Jr. - WR | Ohio St.
Height: 5-11 , Weight: 178

The Chiefs have had a problem that many teams do in the WR dept, they don't have a true stud WR, a guy that stretch the field with sure hands and blazing speed. Eddie Kennison isn't the answer, and the Chiefs have made a living picking up veteran WR to fill the gaps over the years in hopes of finding dependable targets in the open field. KC has their stud RB in Larry Johnson and now Ginn can be the next piece of the puzzle to really give them a viable, dependable, and dangerous man for Trent Green to throw the ball to.

Ginn has the whole package and is widely regarded as the best WR in the draft and to some the best overall player in the draft. He's got the protypical size and speed of todays NFL WR, he canstretch the field and make catches in traffic. There is some question about his size though, that may have some problems getting off the line, breaking away from the jam that todays CB's will give him in the NFL to disrupt his timing. His upside is huge and if he commits himself to film study and refining his techniques, he can be one of the next great WR's in the game.

04-15-2007, 07:47 PM
With the 24th pick in the 2007 SA Mock Draft the New England Patriots select:

Paul Posluszny LB Penn State

HT: 6-1 WT: 238

The Patsies LB corp is getting old. The signing of Adalius Thomas will give them several options from the outside. Posluszny will cement the middle for years to come.

Posluszny has been one of the most productive linebackers in Penn State's history. He plays the game with a high motor and always gives 100% on every play. He has top notch leadership skills and was named a captain at Penn State as a junior.

Very instinctive. Always knows where the ball is and gets to it. Excellent technique and wrap up and rarely misses tackles. Good sideline to sideline speed and plays faster than he times. Unrivaled character and leadership skills and named Penn State's captain as a junior, which is rarely done.

04-15-2007, 08:40 PM
PICK #25 The Jets Pick: CB Darrelle Revis

Height: 5-111/2 | Weight: 204 | 40-Time: 4.40

The Jets do not have alot of depth at CB so they take Revis. Some feel Revis is the best CB in the draft

Has good size and a solid build with long arms...Smooth and an excellent natural athlete...Plays a physical brand of football...Extremely tough and aggressive...Has fluid hips...Does a nice job versus the run...Quick and is hard to tackle in the open field...Good hands and body control...Terrific tackler...Very instinctive...Plays with a nasty demeanor...Nice balance and agility...He's also an excellent punt returner.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-15-2007, 09:36 PM
With the 26 pick in the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Eagles select

Brandon Meriweather-S/The U


The Eagles have bigger needs at DE and WR. But at pick 26 the Eagles just can't pass on Meriweather. He finally gives the Eagles another quality safety to team with Brian Dawkins.

Excels in this area. Can lock up tight ends man-to-man all over the field, and is surprisingly productive covering wide receivers man-to-man. Is so smooth and fluid, almost looks like a cornerback. When in center field, reads quarterbacks well and gets outside to help with deep coverage along the sideline. Is smart and instinctive. Doesn't get fooled by fakes or trick plays. Stays in the right spots, carrying out assignments.

Is a natural ballhawk with the hands to make tough interceptions. Always seems to be in right spots to intercept tipped passes. Comes up quickly in run support. Breaks down to make open-field tackles. Lacks size, and can be dragged for extra yardage. Is not a violent hitter, and can be run over by big, aggressive ballcarriers.

04-15-2007, 11:02 PM
With the 27th pick in the 2007 SA Mock Draft the New Orleans Saints select...

Dwayne Bowe WR/LSU

HT: 6-2 WT: 220

New Orleans could use some help on defense and some help at gaurd. Even with the arival of Colston the Saints could still use help at receiver with the departure of Joe Horn.

Dwayne Bowe may be the most prototypical reciever in the draft. He has the size, speed, and route running skills to excell imediately. He is big and strong with the ability to seperate. He is a real competitior who is willing to go over the middle and take a hit. He is also a great blocker...

04-15-2007, 11:11 PM
New England Patriots select Michael Griffin S Texas

HT 5'11
WT 202

reason: because they need help in the secondary, and harrison has become a china doll as of late, so i'm sure he'll get broken again, and when he does, griffin will be there to take over for good....they could go corner, since samuels is being a punk, but they can pick up a decent corner in the second

Very smooth and athletic with great speed...Tough, physical, aggressive and a big hitter...Covers a lot of ground and has a burst to close...Exceptional in coverage and has fluid hips...Supports the run well...A playmaker with good leaping ability and ball skills...Motor is always running...Productive and has a lot of experience against top competition...Intangibles are top-notch...An outstanding kick blocker and special teamer who could carve out a career in the NFL on that ability alone.

04-16-2007, 10:30 PM
Baltimore Ravens Select Joe Staley OT Central Michigan

HT 6'5
WT 306

reason: staley is moving up fast on a lot of draft boards with his great workouts he's been having.........and he'd be perfect for an aging ravens Oline

Is an amazing athlete for the position with feet that are second to none...Timed speed, agility and quickness are outstanding...Moves well in open space and can get to the second level...Shows the ability to change direction and adjust on the fly...Good intangibles with a motor that is always running...Smart player who picks things up quickly and has shown consistent improvement...Still has lots of upside.

04-16-2007, 11:38 PM
With the 30th pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the San Diego Chargers select:

Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

HT: 6-4 WT: 219

The Chargers have released aging McCardell, they have Vincent Jackson and Eric Parker as wideouts but they need another threat for Phillip Rivers. They also have needs at MLB and S.

Clutch receiver with outstanding size and consistent hands. Fluid releasing off the line, uses his large frame to box out opponents and snatches the ball from the air. Gets vertical and out-muscles defenders for the jump ball. Nicely uses the sidelines, displays terrific timing and makes himself an available target. Very quick transitioning from making the reception to running after the catch. Sturdy wide out who takes a pounding and holds onto the ball. Extends or lays out to make some very acrobatic receptions. He runs the fade route tremendously in which the QB simply lobs it up for the WR in the back of the end zone, a very common practice in the NFL. He possesses not blazing speed, but his 4.45-4.50 40 time is very fast for a WR his size. A playmaker and is also very clutch.

04-16-2007, 11:50 PM
Chicago Bears select Jon Beason OLB Miami

HT 6'0
WT 237

reason: well they could go other routes, like a Tight end, but after olsen there isn't a legit first rounder at tight end, they could go oline, but i don't know, they could get blalock or grubbs, but i think beason is to good to pass up here, and with the situation they are in with lance briggs this will take the pressure of the bears to have to force something

Terrific athlete...Short but not necessarily small...Very good speed and quickness with a burst...Outstanding instincts and awareness...Is strong, physical and plays much bigger than he is...Solid tackler and a violent hitter...Has sideline-to-sideline range...Solid in coverage...Always seems to be around the action...Versatile with experience at all three (SAM, MIKE, WILL) linebacker positions...Has a motor that never stops...Fantastic leader with excellent intangibles...A great special teamer.

K Train
04-17-2007, 12:36 AM
with the 32nd pick the colts select

Justin Harrell DT tennessee

Height: 6-43/8 | Weight: 300 | 40-Time: 5.10

Has good size with long arms and the frame to bulk up further...Athletic with solid speed and good quickness...Is mobile with pretty good range...Plays the run well and is a good tackler...Will penetrate and make plays in the backfield...Tough and will play through pain...May have some versatility...Hard worker...Top intangibles.

i swear i didnt know NFLDC had the colts taking him, i thought it was beason so im not copying lol. But the colts defense is still sorry, and theres not LB/CB here worth taking so they go with harrell who has shot up the boards and they beef up that dline a bit hoping teams might not thrash them as bad next year

04-17-2007, 12:38 AM
well that ends the first round.........now on to the second round.........

04-17-2007, 09:12 PM
1st pick of the 2nd round for the Raiders they select:
Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
6-23/4 311 5.20

The Raiders need a OL so Russel can get off a pass

An outstanding athlete for the position with excellent quickness...Moves very well on pulls and has good range...Gets to the second level and excels in space...Feet are extremely nimble and plays with good knee bend...Smart, a hard worker and quick learner...Adequate size and strength...Still improving & has a lot of upside.

04-17-2007, 09:33 PM
Detroit Lions select Aaron Ross CB Texas

HT 6'0
WT 193

reason: they traded bly and they'll need help in the secondary, ross is a straight up playmaker.....he could probably be starting by the end of the season for the lions, and he can help a little on special teams if he's needed there

Great athlete with fluid hips...Has an almost ideal blend of size and bulk...Leaper with very good hands and ball skills...Playmaker with a knack for being in the right place...Gives a solid effort in run support and is a pretty powerful hitter...He plays faster than he times and has top recovery speed...Elusive in the open field and is also an excellent return man...Relatively productive despite limited opportunities.

04-17-2007, 11:37 PM
With the 35th (2nd rd.) pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas

HT: 6-5 WT: 301

The Bucs need help in a lot of areas, there defensive need was addressed in the 1sr rd. with the addition of Gaines Adams. I was thinking of going with a WR but the one I was going to pick will probably fall to the 3rd. Rice is there but he didn't do a lot at the combines and didn't participate at his pro day (under achiever who is satisfied with going in the 2nd or 3rd round). The Bucs need help on their OL, they lost a talented lineman to the Steelers, they also have 2 lineman from last years draft. With the addition of those 2 and Ugoh the Bucs will have a talented OL for years to come.

Tony Ugoh is an immensely talented OT for the Hogs. He lost the 2002 season to a knee injury and missed spring practices every year but this past one as he was busy setting records for the discus in track. Taking part in spring practice in 2006 seemed to be just the help Ugoh needed to go from a marginal prospect to one of the top LT prospects in the nation.

Ugoh is a rock solid 300 pounds with great height and an amazing wingspan. At the Senior Bowl his arms measured an impressive 36". His long arms, combined with good quick feet, allow him to get hold of even the speediest edge rushers. Ugoh often puts the defender on the ground before the whistle blows (he had 67 knockdown blocks in 2006). His skill as a run blocker is a big reason the Razorbacks had two 1000-yard rushers this fall. Ugoh is a hard-worker who coaches will love. Ugoh has all the physical tools to be a starting LT in the NFL.

Black@Gold Forever32
04-18-2007, 02:29 PM
With the 36th pick in the 2007 SA Mock draft the Cleveland Browns select

Eric Wright-CB/UNLV


The Browns need help in the sencondary and Wright is one of the top corners left in the draft at this time. So I made him the pick.

Is a great athlete with ideal quickness, agility and speed. Shows loose and fluid hips to turn and run with receivers without losing steps. Has the speed to run with receivers downfield and shows the explosive burst to recover after losing a step. When using good technique in off coverage, closes quickly on passes in front of him. Shows great ball skills to reach in front of receivers to break up passes and is adept at cutting in front of receivers for interceptions. Seems to enjoy physical coverage. Jolts wide receivers on presses to slow releases and squeezes receivers to sideline on downfield routes. Comes up to make strong, physical tackles in run support. Is an aggressive blitzer, delivering violent hits.

04-18-2007, 05:34 PM
Chicago Bears select Zach Miller TE ASU

HT 6'4
WT 256

reason: rex needs all the weapons he can get, they have the down the field go to through too, but nothing much reliable down the middle. zach miller can bring that to rex, a nice big target........

Was extremely productive...Has superb hands...He has shown the ability to make the difficult catch...Solid athlete with good agility...Is tough and aggressive...Runs pretty well after the catch...Excellent route runner and he just knows how to get open...Gives good effort as a blocker...Able to hit the seam downfield...Versatile and can be utilized in a variety of different roles...Top short to mid-range target.

04-19-2007, 07:05 PM
With the 38th pick in the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Arizona Cardinals select...

Quinn Pitcock DT/Ohio State

HT:6-2 WT: 299

The Cardinals addressed their biggest need by selecting Thomas in the first. At this point Pitcock fits a need and is one of the best players available. Former Steeler Kendrick Clancy has been solid in the middle after ressurecting his career, but he is no Pitcock.

Pitcock steadily improved each year at OSU until he was one of the best players on the defense. He has an explosive burst off the line and a good feel for stuffing the run. He is a relentless pass rusher who shows the agility and speed to track down the quarterback. He consistantly dominated his man one on one drawing many double teams.

K Train
04-20-2007, 12:25 AM
The falcons select Ryan Kalil Center, USC

6-2, 299

Good quickness...Moves well and has great range...Is extremely smart with great football instincts and is like a coach along the offensive line...Still has the frame to pack on some additional pounds...Does a nice job in pass protection...Is tough, a hard worker and a leader with top-notch intangibles...Excellent technician...Just a steady, all-around player who has a ton of experience against elite competition.

Kalil is undersized, will only be good in a zone blocking running game, but may have alot of success in ATL, because while he cant play in all sytems, he excels in the ones he can

04-20-2007, 09:40 PM
With the 40th overall selection the Miami Dolphins select:

Justin Blaylock OG Texas
Height: 6-31/4 - Weight: 320

Miami needs to protect the QB this year, no matter who it is, and they need OL help in a big way. They can't go wrong with Blaylock who can be a corner stone at Guard for them for a long time to come.

Blaylock is a monster plain and simple. He's got a mean streak, along with the size and strength to back it up. He needs to polish his footwork and refine his skills but the guy has all the physical tools and talent to be a top notch mauler for the 'phins for years to come.

04-21-2007, 01:22 AM
With the 41st overall selection the Minnesota Vikings select:

Sidney Rice WR South Carolina:

Wideout is definitely a team need along with their defense. There is more upside with Rice, his speed and route running should be a good fit for the Vikings.

Rice broke onto the scene in 2005 catching everything thrown his direction. He was one of the top receivers in the nation with 70 catches for more than 1100 yards and 13 TDs. As a soph in 2006, his numbers were off a bit from his '05 pace, but increased defensive attention and a shaky QB situation can explain the slight dropoff. He's still the only WR in SC history to have back-to-back 1000 yard seasons.

Rice has absolutely amazing hands. He's got the size to get up over most DBs and the sticky hands to make the circus catch look routine. He possesses adequate strength to fight for balls, but really excels because of his balance and body control. Rice has outstanding ball skills and can adjust smoothly to the poorly thrown ball. While he doesn't possess blazing speed, he's a deceptive long-strider who can sneak up on the CB and then get behind him once he hits stride. He was one of the very few receivers to perform well against Arkansas CB Chris Houston this past fall. Has room to bulk up and become a more physical receiver. Has some minor durability concerns. His size and speed is matched by few receivers in this draft and despite being raw overall, he has the potential to develop into a true number one receiver.

K Train
04-21-2007, 05:22 PM
The 49ers select

Anthony Gonzalez
Height: 6-0 | Weight: 193

Adequate height and bulk...A fantastic route runner who just knows how to get open...Has very good timed speed and quickness...Hands are excellent....Is very smart...An above average blocker who gives a good effort...Excellent intangibles and a hard worker who's dedicated to being the best player he can be...Can also help out as a return man...Still improving, got better every year and has upside.

Alex Smith needs a target other than vernon davis and frank gore....Gonzalas has shot up the boards and would fit in good in SF

04-22-2007, 09:04 AM
BIlls Take Tanard Jackson CB Syracuse

Height: 6-0 | Weight: 200 | 40-Time: 4.52

The Bills lost nate clemetens they need help at CB

Has good size and a solid frame...A physical presence and solid tackler who is not afraid to help support the run...Has good instincts...Quick with a burst to close...A smart player and fast learner...Can play either man-to-man or zone...Athletic with fluid hips and good footwork...Technically sound...Has lots of starting experience.

04-23-2007, 05:48 PM
Atlanta Falcons select Marcus McCauley CB Fresno St.

HT 6'0
WT 203

reason: him and d'angelo hall can make a very good cb duo

Has prototypical size...Timed speed is outstanding...Athletic and quick with fluid hips and a great burst...Physical and aggressive...A playmaker with pretty good ball skills...Has great body control, leaping ability and timing...Good tackler who will support versus the run...Has superb instincts for the game...A hard worker with good intangibles...Is able to play and excel in either man or zone coverage.

04-23-2007, 06:04 PM
Carolina Panthers select David Harris ILB Michigan

HT 6'2
WT 243

reason: panthers need help at a linebacker so david harris would be a good for them

Has good size and a thick, solid frame...Had a great senior campaign...Tough and a hard worker...Is smart with good instincts for the game...Reads and reacts well and plays faster than he times...He excels versus the run...Reliable tackler...Has a excellent motor that never stops...Is a field general with outstanding intangibles.

04-23-2007, 06:26 PM
Pittsburgh Steelers select Arron Sears OL Tennessee

HT 6'3
WT 319

reason: the steelers have nice depth at OL, but it never hurts to add more talent on the line, he can learn for a year and then when faneca runs to his daddy in arizona we'll have his potential replacement ready

Has excellent size and bulk...Versatile player who has starting experience at both tackle and both guard spots...A pretty good athlete for a man his size...Quick and moves very well in a small area...Is smart and aware with good instincts...Gets to the second level...Technically sound and always in good position...Played a lot of football against top-notch competition...Really had an outstanding senior season.

04-24-2007, 10:07 PM
The Green Bay Packers select...

Tony Hunt RB/Penn State

HT: 6-2 WT: 239

The Packers desperately need a runnningback and they need a guy who is ready to take some carries right away. They missed out in Peterson and Lynch in the first round and it would be tough to pass on Hunt here.

Hunt arrived at Penn State in the shadow of one of the nations most highly recruited runningbacks... he left Penn State 2nd all-time in career rushing yards with 3,320 yards and first all-time with 654 carries. Hunt is a workhorse who is a very patient and powerful runner that gets stronger as the game goes on. He will run you over, but at times will show great footwork in the hole and make you miss with a cut or some wiggle before hitting the next level. Great after contact and rarely goes down off one hit. An above average receiver out of the backfield and an outstanding pass blocker. He is one of those runners that runs "mean", he has a strong stiffarm and loves to put his hat on a defender. He always falls forward and makes you question... "Who tackled who?

Black@Gold Forever32
04-25-2007, 01:54 PM
The Jags select

Eric Weddle-S/Utah


I don't think safety is the Jags biggest needs but its hard to pass on a talent like Weddle at this point in the draft. He can play safety and even move to corner if needed.

Is a ball hawk who draws scouts' attention. Is versatile; played well at cornerback and safety in college. Is quick to react to passes -- makes a play on the ball or keeps the receiver in front of him and makes a solid tackle. Is a tough, willing tackler. Is smart; reads plays quickly. Can return kicks.

Lacks great size, hindering ability to be a punishing tackler in run support. Lacks the athletic ability to play cornerback in the NFL, and will get abused by wide receivers man-to-man. Lacks great speed.

He doesn't look great but makes a game-changing play in every game. He is one of the most versatile players in this draft. Weddle is the type of safety who often gets overlooked but will become a solid starter. He is consistent but makes a surprisingly number of big plays. He also will make a big impact on special teams.

04-25-2007, 11:12 PM
Cincinnati Bengals select DeMarcus Tyler DT North Carolina St.

HT 6'2
WT 306

reason: bengals need as much help on their defense as possible, and tyler will help beef up the dline

Three-year starter with a lot of experience...Has excellent size...A good athlete with great quickness...Very strong and powerful...Is stout at the point of attack and can hold his ground...Will deliver a blow and drive blockers backward...Able to penetrate and disrupt the action in the backfield...Pursues and chases when he's not tired...Disengages from blocks well...Still improving & had his best year in '06.

04-25-2007, 11:18 PM
Tennessee Titans select Brian Leonard RB Rutgers

HT 6'1
WT 226

reason: lendale white is a fat slob, and they don't have anyone else to run the ball, leonard is hungry to prove he's a half back, and even if he isn't he's still a very talented guy and can still make an impact on this team........... they could go bush if they feel the risk is worth it, or they could go CB but there isn't one good enough for this spot

A terrific runner for the position with great balance and instincts...Displays good feet and is deceptively agile...Tough, strong and powerful and does not go down easily...An excellent receiver and route runner with good hands who can run after the catch and be a weapon in the passing game...Unselfish and is a hard worker with great intangibles...An above average and adequate blocker...Versatile and a terrific all-around player who will be able to help a team out in a number of ways.

04-27-2007, 12:12 AM
New York Giants select Michael Bush RB Louisville

HT 6'1
WT 243

reason: well they can afford to take a chance on him, they have jacobs but he isn't a for sure thing, and they have drougn or wtfever but again, you never know.........bush could be their franchise back by 2008

Has terrific size...Very good timed speed for a guy with his dimensions and has a burst...A phenomenal athlete...Natural runner with great vision and instincts...A smart, patient runner with great power who can move a pile...Excellent balance and agility...Has superb hands and runs good routes...Was productive both as a receiver out of the backfield as well as splitting out wide...Has fantastic feet and is very nimble...Was very productive at every level and just seems to have a nose for the endzone...Adequate blocker...Can run inside and outside...A team leader.

04-27-2007, 12:17 AM
St. Louis Rams select Daymeion Hughes CB Cal

HT 5'10
WT 190

reason: they need depth in the DB department, and he can help special teams so why not

A very good natural athlete...Has pretty good size...Is very instinctive...Playmaker with excellent ball skills...His hips are smooth and fluid...Very productive and came away with a lot of interceptions during his career...Is physical and will support the run...Experienced and a hard worker with good intangibles...A special teams ace.

04-27-2007, 12:21 AM
Dallas Cowboys select LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan

HT 6'1
WT 266

reason: well he's listed as a DE, but going to the boys he'll play OLB in the 3-4, and team him up with demarcus ware could be beastly

A good athlete with great quickness off the snap...Is solidly built...Very strong and a big hitter...Versatile with experience at defensive end and linebacker...Excellent in pursuit and has a motor that never stops...Natural pass rusher with a knack for getting after the quarterback...Technically sound, will use his hands well and can shed blocks...Holds his own versus the run...Has a lot of experience and was very productive...Tough, nasty and a hard worker...Team leader with good intangibles.

04-28-2007, 01:37 AM
With the 54th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select:

Manuel Ramirez OG Texas Tech

HT: 6-3 WT: 326

The Chiefs need serious help on their OL. The addition of Ramirez will improve that immediately.

He is a strong, physical player who makes his presence felt on the interior. He is quick off the ball, and he delivers a powerful jolt to opposing lineman. His sheer size can overwhelm defenders at the point of attack. His feet and agility are above average for the position. He has a good understanding of pass protection. He uses that, and his strength, to protect the pocket. He is one of the most experienced lineman in this class, and he is rarely out of position. His second season, he won the starting guard spot out of fall practice. He has started the past 47 games for Texas Tech, and has been a big part of the success of one of the most potent offenses in the country. He has also set and re-set the schools bench press record.

04-28-2007, 02:43 AM
With the 55th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Seattle Seahawks select:

Ben Patrick TE Delaware

HT: 6-3 WT: 255

Stevens finally ran himself out of town, not that he was of any use in the first place. The Seahawks offense is setup for the use of a TE, not just for blocking. The addition of Patrick should help their passing game.

A Duke University transfer, who fit right into the Blue Hens offense right away in 2006, and picked up right where he left off in IA football. Received a Combine invitation and did very well for himself, running a 4.74, doing a 34.5" vj, a 4.31 ss and a 9'4" bj. Tough, strong, physical blocker who also catches the ball well. Possesses ideal size and speed combination for the position. In short, the complete package. His combine performance places him as a possible 2nd round pick with many people ranking him now as the 3rd best TE in this draft.

04-28-2007, 02:55 AM
With the 56th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Denver Broncos select:

Jason Hill WR Washington St.

HT: 6-0 WT: 204

Despite a midseason injury last year, Jason racked up tremendous stats. He had more than half of Washington State's 25 passing touchdowns. With more consistency at Quarterback this year, he looks to put up even bigger numbers. Jason is a huge deep ball threat, probably the best in the Pac-10. He is also very consistent, averaging nearly 110 yards per game. Not clocked time, but has great game speed. Runs good crisp routes and has very good hands. Jason nailed the 40 at the combine with his 4.32 time, solidifying his spot on the first day.

04-28-2007, 03:12 AM
With the 57th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select:

Kenny Irons HB Auburn

HT: 5-10 WT: 203

Brian Westbrook solidified his status as one of the league's elite multipurpose backs with a spectacular effort in 2006, but the Eagles can't afford to overwork their diminutive feature back. Buckhalter has missed three entire seasons since the Eagles drafted him in 2001, and Philly doesn't have a between-the-tackles runner behind him on the roster. Third-year man Ryan Moats has a skill set similar to Westbrook's, but Moats missed eight games with an ankle injury during a frustrating 2006 season.

Irons has good size and strength for the RB position. He's an explosive player who can get skinny to slide through even the smallest holes. He's patient and will ride a blocker waiting for a sliver of daylight to burst through. Irons has a very good darting running style that makes it hard for players to get a bead on him. He has tremendous balance and runs with a good, low pad level and a nice body lean. He can change direction without having to gather himself and can change speeds to throw off defenders. Even though he's primarily a runner who avoids contact, he's willing to run through a player at times, showing off surprising power. Irons also runs good routes out of the backfield.

04-28-2007, 03:57 AM
With the 58th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the New Orleans Saints select:

Fred Bennett CB South Carolina

HT: 6-0 WT: 196

The Saints were getting passed on 24 hrs a day last year. The addition of Bennett, with his speed and coverage skills should help somewhat.

Fred Bennett is an enticing blend of size, speed, experience, and production at the corner position. He understands the game well and takes good angles to the ball. He's going to be more effective in a Tampa-2 defense than one that calls for tight man coverage. When he is in man coverage, he uses his hands very well to check the receiver, but he prefers to keep the play in front of him where he can read and react and use his speed to close on the receiver.

04-28-2007, 04:19 AM
With the 59th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the New York Jets select:

Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame

HT: 6-4 WT: 267

The Jets need someone to solidify their pass rushing needs. They have a stout front line but there is something missing.

He has an elite blend of size and speed for his position. He has the speed to give chase downfield. His agility and footwork allow him to stunt and even drop back into coverage. He is a powerful and explosive player who delivers a pop off the line. His main pass rush technique is an outside speed rush that he can finish with a rip outside or a spin inside. He is a physical player who goes hard every snap and plays through the whistle. He still has upside left.

04-28-2007, 04:45 AM
With the 60th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft Miami Dolphins select:

Josh Beekman OG Boston College

HT: 6-1 WT: 313

Josh Beekman is a great run blocking RG for the Boston College Eagles. He has helped pave the way for a very successful running game for the past few seasons and more than held his own against the talented defensive lines of the ACC last season. As with all BC linemen Beekman is very technically sound and a hard worker. You will never see him take a play off and plays to the whistle on every down. He has tremendous strength for his size and does really well at using leverage to make his job easier.

04-28-2007, 04:56 AM
With the 61st overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Baltimore Ravens select:

Brandon Siler LB Florida

HT: 6-1 WT: 241

Brandon Siler has been a steadying force as a MLB since his true freshman year when he played in all 12 games and started 6 of them. He is all business when it comes to football. Siler has great size and a football body. He's naturally strong and fast, and shows good quickness and agility. He is a tremendous read and react player and makes all the playcalls on the field. Coaches have remarked that he's like another coach on the field. He's a hard-worker and a very intelligent player. He plays with a low pad level and is outstanding against the run. He can deliver a pop and can also be used on the blitz, seeing and getting through lanes quickly.

04-28-2007, 05:13 AM
With the 62nd overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the San Diego Chargers select:

H.B. Blades LB Pittsburgh

HT: 5-10 WT: 236

Both outside spots are filled for now, but veteran inside linebackers Donnie Edwards and Randall Godfrey were allowed to test the free agent market.

Horatio Benedict Blades is a fiery, emotional true MIKE who never takes plays off, is 100% dedicated to football, and should push most current starting NFL MLBs for playing time early. An outstanding leader with great NFL bloodlines (father is Bennie Blades, both uncles played professionally as well.) H.B. is on the watch lists for the Bednarik, Lott, Lombarsi and Nagurski trophies. First team all-Big East two years running. Senior Bowl invitee. Compact and physical. Strong at the point of attack. Scrapes off blocks and fills very well. A true force in the running game. Decisive and fairly instinctive. Never gives up and will not let anyone around him give up either. Too much ability, productivity, character and "want to" to be ignored early in the draft.

04-28-2007, 05:42 AM
With the 63rd overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the New York Jets select:

Rufus Alexander LB Florida

HT: 6-0 WT: 228

The Jets LB unit isn't necessarily lacking for talent, but most of the linebackers are holdovers from former coach Herman Edwards' Tampa-Two scheme who play like square pegs forced into round holes in Eric Mangini's hybrid 3-4 system.

Rufus Alexander is a productive, athletic linebacker out of Christian Life HS (Baton Rouge, LA). After leading his team to two district titles and being named as an all-state selection, he was considered one of the top 20 outside linebackers in the country by most prep scouts.

He received scholarship offers from Texas, LSU, and Ole Miss, but he chose to sign with Oklahoma. After the start of his career was slowed by a redshirt year and a knee surgery, he earned the starting job in the 2004 season, and he produced immediately. The past three seasons his production has stayed at a consistently high level, and he has been a impact player and leader for the Oklahoma defense. He is a rangy linebacker who can cover ground from sideline to sideline. He has the speed and agility to play man coverage on possession receivers and faster tight ends. He reads the play well and navigates well in traffic to locate the ball. He is an excellent tackler who hits with force and wraps up. His open field tackling is also excellent. He has enough production and athleticism to overcome his lack of ideal size, making him a mid-second round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft.

04-28-2007, 05:50 AM
With the 64th overall pick of the 2007 SA Mock Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Steve Smith WR USC

HT: 5-11 WT: 197

Joey Galloway's resurgence in Jon Gruden's system has been remarkable, but the veteran receiver will turn 36 in November and won't outrun Father Time forever. And while Michael Clayton is a better player than he's shown the past two seasons, it's possible that he'll never be more than a solid No. 2 receiver.

A Pac-10 Honorable mention in 2005. Started 3 years for USC. Been apart of 4 different powerful USC offenses. Only lost 4 collegiate games in his career. Steve is Mr. Consistency. He has started 15 games going into his Senior season. He shows up big time for Bowl games. In the 2005 Orange Bowl he racked up 7 balls for 113 yards with 3 TD's. He has glue-like hands and is very quick.