View Full Version : A new #1

03-30-2007, 07:54 AM
Jon Beason didn't even make the board when SteelCityInsider.com first posted it's opening odds on the Steelers first draft pick. But a month has passed and opinions have changed. Here's why:

Beason is built like a house and can drive through defenders, "wrote Nolan Nawrocki, one of my favorite draftniks. "He has shown he could play inside or outside and hails from a program known for producing stud 'backers."

That was published in Pro Football Weekly in December. And this was uttered by my favorite draftnik, Mike Mayock, during his pre-combine conference call: "Jon Beason is under some people's radar, but he might be the best linebacker in the draft."

To make a long story short, The Steelers love this guy. He is scheduled for a 2 day visit in April (19-20). Jim Wexell says that is rare (a 2 day visit). He has also learned that Bill Belichick loves this guy and reports are that there is a buzz in New England about drafting this guy. Word has it the Steelers love this guy because he has the ability to play inside or out and could immediately bolster the depth at several positions.

Beason could become Tomlin's will linebacker of the future, the Derrick Brooks, in Tomlin's future cover-2 scheme. At least the options are there.