View Full Version : With our 9 draft picks what would you do

03-27-2007, 04:47 AM
I would like the Steelers to trade up in the secound and third or maybe trade to get 2 secound rounders. My ideal draft for the Steelers first 3 rounds would go........

1. Posluszny OLB(I love this guy. Hes got the vision of an all pro LB) * Note Leon Hall could be there at pick 15 and we could get a Quincy Black in late 2nd early 3rd , but I feel Posluszny has more value*

2.Anthony Gonzalez WR (Even though we got Holmes last year Gonzalez is going to be a monster. Even if he dosent get much playing time he can still step right into special teams and make an impact.)

2 or 3. Daymeion Hughes CB (Like Posluszny this guy has great vision even though he dosent have elite speed Tomlin is a cover 2 type of guy. That make Hughes a perfect fit. We might have to trade a couple picks to move up in the 2nd or he might fall to early 3rd, but this guy plays like a top 15 pick on film.)

I also like Anthony Spencer, but he wont fall past the 1st round. Also Tony Hunt could be a nice pick up in the secound insted of Gonzalez.

Steelers have the ball in their court this year with 9 picks hopfully we will wheel and deal and make the most out of this draft as we can. These are my guys i would love to see become Steelers this year, but the thing with the NFL is you never know whats going to happen.

03-27-2007, 08:56 AM
Getting Pozz would make me happy , Getting Anthony Gonzalez wouldnt, I think we need to draft a big WR if we're going to draft one at all.