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02-21-2007, 08:02 PM
In the NFL, the top-paid players by position set the rates for franchise and transition players. The earnings for each player represent salary and prorated signing bonus for 2006.

If a team uses its franchise designation, the player receives a one-year offer at the average of the top five players at his position or a 20 percent pay increase, whichever is larger. His free agency is then restricted in that a team signing him must give up two No. 1 draft picks as compensation.

Transition players are tendered at the average of the top 10. The club retains a right of first refusal but does not get the draft picks if it doesn't match an offer.


Tom Brady, New England: $13,823,750

Michael Vick, Atlanta: $13,072,857

Carson Palmer, Cincinnati: $12,980,000

Brett Favre, Green Bay: $12,633,335

Peyton Manning, Indianapolis: $10,566,668

Donovan McNabb, Philadelphia: $8,553,911

Trent Green, Kansas City: $8,198,808

Marc Bulger, St. Louis: $7,582,000

David Carr, Houston: $7,250,000

Jake Plummer, Denver: $7,157,200

- Franchise: $12,615,000

- Transition: $10,182,000

Running backs

Edgerrin James, Arizona: $9,500,000

Tiki Barber, N.Y. Giants: $7,228,335

LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego: $6,316,666

LaMont Jordan, Oakland: $6,025,000

Shaun Alexander, Seattle: $5,925,000

Deuce McAllister, New Orleans: $5,755,000

Warrick Dunn, Atlanta: $5,728,332

Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia: $4,785,000

Fred Taylor, Jacksonville: $4,750,000

Rudi Johnson, Cincinnati: $3,800,000

- Franchise: $6,999,000

- Transition: $5,981,000


Randy Moss, Oakland: $9,521,250

Torry Holt, St. Louis: $7,304,714

Andre Johnson, Houston: $7,186,664

Rod Smith, Denver: $7,050,328

Laveranues Coles, New York Jets: $7,000,000

Chad Johnson, Cincinnati: $6,769,801

Terrell Owens, Dallas: $6,666,666

Marvin Harrison, Indianapolis: $6,400,000

Amani Toomer, N.Y. Giants: $6,375,000

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona: $6,121,250

- Franchise: $7,613,000

- Transition: $7,040,000

Tight ends

Tony Gonzalez, Kansas City: $5,431,370

Antonio Gates, San Diego: $4,860,000

Jeremy Shockey, N.Y. Giants: $4,185,000

Alge Crumpler, Atlanta: $4,033,333

Kyle Brady, Jacksonville: $3,346,250

Kellen Winslow II, Cleveland: $3,345,209

Jim Kleinsasser, Minnesota: $3,250,000

Todd Heap, Baltimore: $2,785,000

Bubba Franks, Green Bay: $2,585,000

Eric Johnson, San Francisco: $2,300,000

- Franchise: $4,371,000

- Transition: $3,612,000

Offensive linemen

Jonathan Ogden, Baltimore: $10,561,461

Olin Kreutz, Chicago: $10,166,666

Leonard Davis, Arizona: $9,929,418

Steve Hutchinson, Minnesota: $8,585,000

Bryant McKinnie, Minnesota: $8,535,887

Shawn Andrews, Philadelphia: $7,779,791

Flozell Adams, Dallas: $7,000,000

Orlando Pace, St. Louis: $6,975,000

Marvel Smith, Pittsburgh: $6,595,500

Barry Sims, Oakland: $6,543,069

- Franchise: $9,556,000

- Transition: $8,267,000

Defensive ends

Jason Taylor, Miami: $9,464,625

Simeon Rice, Tampa Bay: $9,200,000

Richard Seymour, New England: $8,979,000

Bryant Young, San Francisco: $7,878,551

Darren Howard, Philadelphia: $7,700,000

Julius Peppers, Carolina: $7,617,500

Michael Strahan, N.Y. Giants: $7,228,284

Shaun Ellis, New York Jets: $6,433,333

Leonard Little, St. Louis: $6,325,000

Dwight Freeney, Indianapolis: $6,180,715

- Franchise: $8,644,000

- Transition: $7,701,000

Defensive tackles

Dewayne Robertson, New York Jets: $9,417,760

John Henderson, Jacksonville: $6,836,500

Jamal Williams, San Diego: $6,650,000

Warren Sapp, Oakland: $5,997,000

Ryan Pickett, Green Bay: $4,975,000

Casey Hampton, Pittsburgh: $4,793,750

Rod Coleman, Atlanta: $4,447,500

Marcus Stroud, Jacksonville: $4,385,000

Darnell Dockett, Arizona: $4,115,000

Seth Payne, Houston: $3,925,000

- Franchise: $6,775,000

- Transition: $5,554,000


Ray Lewis, Baltimore: $8,428,571

Zach Thomas, Miami: $7,287,000

Keith Bulluck, Tennessee: $7,108,668

Derrick Brooks, Tampa Bay: $6,907,083

Takeo Spikes, Buffalo: $6,300,000

Dan Morgan, Carolina: $6,285,000

Al Wilson, Denver: $5,986,733

Brian Urlacher, Chicago: $5,800,510

Rosevelt Colvin, New England: $5,478,000

Donnie Edwards, San Diego: $5,350,000

- Franchise: $7,206,000

- Transition: $6,493,000


Champ Bailey, Denver: $8,998,100

Chris McAlister, Baltimore: $8,407,082

Charles Woodson, Green Bay: $7,250,000

Nate Clements, Buffalo: $7,226,000

Quentin Jammer, San Diego: $7,070,834

Ronde Barber, Tampa Bay: $6,784,000

Ricky Manning, Chicago: $6,491,765

Samari Rolle, Baltimore: $5,200,000

Rashean Mathis, Jacksonville: $5,134,000

Dre Bly, Detroit: $5,100,000

- Franchise: $7,790,000

- Transition: $6,766,000


Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia: $5,190,475

Roy Williams, Dallas: $4,623,452

Marlon McCree, San Diego: $4,585,000

Sean Taylor, Washington: $4,219,250

Tony Parrish, Dallas: $3,830,832

John Lynch, Denver: $3,800,000

Greg Wesley, Kansas City: $3,666,666

Deon Grant, Jacksonville: $3,383,334

Corey Chavous, St. Louis: $3,300,000

Adrian Wilson, Arizona: $3,239,499

- Franchise: $4,490,000

- Transition: $3,984,000


Olindo Mare, Miami: $2,321,181

David Akers, Philadelphia: $2,135,000

Jason Elam, Denver: $2,085,000

John Hall, Washington: $1,965,000

Craig Hentrich, Tennessee: $1,883,750

Shane Lechler, Oakland: $1,882,857

Neil Rackers, Arizona: $1,800,000

Jason Hanson, Detroit: $1,780,000

Sebastian Janikowski, Oakland: $1,702,833

John Kasay, Carolina: $1,700,000

- Franchise: $2,078,000

- Transition: $1,926,000

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02-21-2007, 08:05 PM
Nice info BB2W. You don't see many Steelers listed there. I bet Troy is when he gets a new contract....lol

Hawk Believer
02-21-2007, 08:13 PM
Kinda shocking to see that Walter Jones isn't listed in the lineman list.

Here is something kinda funny re: the Seahawks. We are going to put the franchise tag on our kicker this season. Josh Brown is great and he singlefootedly saved a few games for the Hawks this season. But it does strike me as odd the out "franchise" player is a kicker.

Re: TE prices, I am really curious to see what Jerramy Stevens fetchs on the free market this offseason.

02-21-2007, 09:31 PM
After all that BS that Hines put us through with holding out, you'd think he'd be on that list :lol:

02-22-2007, 12:02 AM
After all that BS that Hines put us through with holding out, you'd think he'd be on that list :lol:

yeah...I was thinking the same thing!