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05-02-2014, 12:27 PM
behind the Steel curtain proposed the question "should the Steeler choose a receiver or cornerback" with the 15th pick: All things being equal, I would choose a Corner.

I'm going to make the assuming that the choice of receivers are Evans, Beckham, and Benjamin: While the choice of cornerback will be Dennard, Gilbert and Fuller. I don't see a situration were all of these player will be gone:

WR: Evan and Benjmin will give the Steelers the BIG Receiver that Steeler Nation have been scream about in Plex left the first time. But with Brown already a pro-bowler and Wheaton slated to start are the other WR and Moore signed to a two year deal, is receiver really and BIG need. WHATEVER receiver is chosen at 15 will only be the 4th guy this year and maybe into next. And Beckham is already on the team, his name is Wheaton. Which has more speed then Beckman. And if all we are looking for in height (red zone target), we already have three guys that are young and fit the bill: Justin Brown (6'3"), Derek Moye (6'5") and DHB (6'2")

CB: two of the three listed could be gone by the time the 15th pick comes up: (Dannard and Gilbert) if Dennard is gone, I assuming the Steelers will go WR with the pick. But I wouldn't sleep on Fuller. During this time of the year, people talk "valve" and "climing up the charts" stuff. but if he good at 20+ he is just a good at 15. Besides, the Steeler will not get someone like him at pick 46. I would not chose Gilbert at 15, he as (upside, protental) and is "projection" which are buzz words, for he hasn't done it yet. Beside with Taylor and Gay is the last years of thier contacts and with C. Allen and UFA after next year, NOW would be a good time to strenthen the CB position.

05-02-2014, 12:40 PM
If Im the Steelers, and it's CB/WR only... and there are no trade options.... my board looks like this

The "Celebrate that they fell to us" Group
1. Evans
2. Dennard
The "Take the value/need, ignore the size" Group
3. Beckham
The "fits the need perfectly, but there are probably players at other positions that are higher on the overall board" Group
4. Fuller
5. Benjamin

Real Deal Steel
05-02-2014, 12:56 PM
Because of the depth and quality of WR in this draft, logic says we go CB. But because of the super quality of Mike Evans, that's the exception. But no way Evans falls to us now.

I'm very good with going Dennard now. And then, look at the three big WR's in the second round.