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02-14-2007, 03:40 AM
The part that caught my attention......

Bill Cowher's name has also been mentioned among the list of possible candidates, but that seems unlikely as Cowher is Schottenheimer's protégé and has been nicknamed by the Pittsburgh media "little Marty."


02-14-2007, 07:45 AM
If BC would go out to SD to coach I'd lose so much respect for him it's not even funny. I said the same thing when the rumors started about him and Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, etc.

I don't think there's any way he comes back to coaching before 2008 since he's still under contract with us, and everybody would question his motive for leaving in the first place and it would be a damn circus.

02-14-2007, 08:38 AM
Since Bill and Marty are good friends I doubt that Cowher would go into that situation and I'm sure Marty would tell Bill that AJ Smith is a total jackass and wouldn't suggest going there.

It's clearly obvious that AJ Smith wields all the power now in San Diego and Bill Cowher isn't going to go where there would be another "Donahoe-Showdown" with the GM.

02-14-2007, 09:59 AM
Funny also how Marty turned down that 1 yr option on his contract and decided to just play it out. Sounds like he saw the writing on the wall way before all this...

02-14-2007, 10:31 AM
Funny also how Marty turned down that 1 yr option on his contract and decided to just play it out. Sounds like he saw the writing on the wall way before all this...

This guy A.J. Smith apparently disliked Marty so much that the contract that was offered was meant to insult Marty and encourage him to quit! I read the contract was for 4.5 million with only 1 mil guaranteed and they also wanted to include a buyout clause for only 1 mil! Marty was said to be seeking Mike Holmgren like money and what was offered was an insult. Perhaps the incentive clause for Marty to see the other 3.5 mil was that he got an extra mil for each playoff game he won. And for a guy with his track record in the playoffs that would not look really appealing! :rofl:


02-14-2007, 11:13 AM
I've heard way to many reports that Cowher will not be back this year at all! He will entertain things like this but probably wouldn't accept anything. Besides... the Chargers will be paying Marty for this up coming year so they don't really have all that much to spend on a new coach. They will be looking for someone who can come in and assume the role of coach but not mess up to much because the Chargers already has a lot of talent. Look for someone in the that 2. to 4 mill that could groom Rivers and keep this team in tact to continue their run from last year.

02-14-2007, 11:21 AM
There's always Ron Rivera:yesnod: :lol:

02-14-2007, 11:42 AM
Chargers get OK to interview Rivera


Herald Staff Writer

Now snow is holding Ron Rivera back.
Having been granted permission to speak to the Chargers about their sudden opening for a head coach, the Bears' defensive coordinator can't get out of Chicago.
"We've had snow for 24 hours," Rivera said. "They've issued a white-out alert. It's supposed to end at midnight. Hopefully I'll be on a plane Wednesday."
Rivera has not spoken to anyone affiliated with the Chargers. But the Bears gave San Diego the green light to interview the one-time Seaside High three-sport standout.
"I am just in a waiting mode," Rivera said. "I have not had a chance to speak to anyone with the Chargers. But it's already happened. I am a candidate."
The Chargers fired head coach Marty Schottenheimer Monday night, a month after he guided the franchise to a team record 14-2 record.
"I'm a little surprised because it happened so late," said Rivera, a former Chicago linebacker, who played on its Super Bowl title team in 1985.
Rivera is on a short list of candidates that includes 49ers offensive coordinator Norv Turner and former 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci.
Turner and Rivera were finalists for the Dallas Cowboys opening, which was filled last Thursday when they hired former Chargers defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.
Considered one of the top young defensive coordinators in the NFL, Rivera interviewed for openings in Atlanta, Arizona, Miami and Pittsburgh during the Bears' bye week in January.
The NFL, though, prohibits teams from talking to coaching candidates while their teams are in the postseason. As a result, Rivera hasn't been able to get that elusive second interview.
"It gets frustrating," Rivera said. "Sometimes you wonder what else do you have to do. Is there something drastic I have to do? But it's good to have your name out there."
Rivera, 45, was a finalist for the Steelers job. But by the time Chicago's season ended in the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh filled its opening.
Rivera did get an extensive six-hour interview with Dallas owner Jerry Jones for their vacant head coaching job 48 hours after the Bears Super Bowl loss to Indianapolis.
Jones ultimately went with experience in Phillips.
Rivera could find himself in a similar predicament. Also rumored to be on the Chargers list are former Cowboys coaches Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcels.
"I don't know of anyone who wouldn't want this job," Rivera said. "I think it's an outstanding position. How often does a opening occur with a team that went 14-2?"
That fact that the Chargers are considered Super Bowl contenders next year only enhances the job, according to Rivera.
"It's a very distinct possibility that this team will be in the Super Bowl next year," Rivera said. "I don't think it's more pressure. They're a 14-2 team that underachieved in the playoffs."
Rivera will make it clear during his interview that changes would be minimal at best. He would not change the defense to the Tampa 3-4, which he runs in Chicago.
Over the last two years, the Bears defense has given up the least number of points in the NFC.
"When you take a job like this, you don't come in and toy with much," Rivera said. "I've got a coach in mind that could run this defense as is."
The Chargers are loaded in young talent under contact on both sides of the ball, including MVP tailback LaDainian Tomlinson, tight end Antonio Gates and quarterback Philip Rivers.
San Diego sent seven players to the Pro Bowl this past season. Among them are linebacker Shawne Merriman and former North Salinas High product and special teams standout Kassim Osgood.
"You want to find coaches that would fit," Rivera said. "I feel pretty good about the guys I have on my list. We'd make this work."
If the foul weather in the Midwest continues, it's possible Rivera would be interviewed over the phone.
"I'm not the only candidate," Rivera said. "No time has been set. I suspect sometime today they'll contact me. It's much better to interview in person."
Rivera does have a connection to Chargers owner Dean Spanos. His roommate at Cal worked with Spanos.
"I've met him a couple of times," said Rivera, who was an All-America linebacker at Cal. "I'm not sure if he remembers."
It's possible that Rivera could also be in line for the Chargers defensive coordinator position when his contract with the Bears ends on Feb. 20.
When Turner interviewed in Dallas, Rivera was believed to be on his list of coaches for their defensive coordinators job.
If Rivera were to get the job, he would find himself going up against Monterey High product and Chiefs head coach Herman Edwards twice a year in the AFC West.
The thought of returning to California and being closer to his parents in Marina is an appeal.
"My wife takes it in stride," Rivera said. "My daughter is excited about it. She kind of gets caught up in it. She's gone through two moves. She makes friends very easily."
Norv Turner and Steve Mariucci.:scratch: How is this an improvement:dunno:

02-14-2007, 01:05 PM
Guess marty got a swift :greenkick: Talk about a stupid move,if they were gonna fire marty they should've done it earlier that way they could've kept
cam cameron or phillips :lol: I heard on sirius that the reason he got fired,
that marty wanted to hire his son as DC and aj wanted someone else they supposingly got into an :cursin: and then marty got the AXE :popcorn:
Also heard Parcells name mentioned on sirius,,,,,,,,,,but IMO bill wouldn't be able to work with aj neither :nono:

02-14-2007, 02:32 PM
The chargers have there next coach already for pete's sake. Barring a break down in negotations.