View Full Version : Spencer: what position would he be worth picking in?

02-13-2007, 11:56 PM
We all agree that we would love to see the Steelers wind up with Anthony Spencer. Since it seems that most of us think its more likely that we trade down for Spencer than trade up for Okoye. At what position would Spencer be worth the 1st round pick. Keep in mind he is still a player on the rise on most draft boards. Right now on scout inc's board Spencer is 28th and Charles Johnson is listed at 21st. How much higher can Spencer rise after the combines? I think that there will be 4-6 players who slip off this list into the 2nd round with poor combine performances and conversely some players will rise! How far down can we go to get him and how much higher do you think he can rise? 22nd? 23rd? 24th? :beer1: