View Full Version : Ohio State gets SPANKED!!!!

12-08-2013, 12:59 AM
Great. That's all we need. Bad enough we have Mike Adams starting tomorrow guarding Ben's Blind side....now we will have a
" DEPRESSED " Mike Adams. :duh:

Dean Denton
12-08-2013, 06:34 AM
Lol, that's ok because now we get a chance at a real title game. I thought Ohio was going to get spanked. I didn't think Missouri was going to give up over 300 yards rushing though. Kinda was hoping Ohio st was going to be matched up against Alabama so they'd get spanked again but clearly Oklahoma was given that task. Looking over all these bowl games I don't get it. Is it that hard to match the top ten teams against eachother? Rose bowl is good, but I'm not understanding a lot of these match ups. My daughter could put together better bowl games.

12-08-2013, 10:11 AM
OH- oh NO

I'm transplanted from PA to OH. I don't hate the bucks but also don't cry when they lose. IMO this team was so freaking overrated.

12-08-2013, 10:21 AM
I was so wrong about this team. I will go eat my crow now. I was pretty stoked to see some defense in that game to be honest, the Auburn Mizzou game made me sick to my stomach on how pathetic defenses are anymore in college. At least MSU made me feel better.

I would be all for Dennard or Roby in the first to be honest. Them kids are LEGITE. You can stick them on islands and they would be fine. Only can dream though.

12-08-2013, 10:25 AM
FSU and Auburn will be a fun title game. They deserve to play. OSU isn't in my top 10 nationally. I am so tired of the love they get. Bama is likely still the best team, and would be the favorites in a playoff system, but Saban screwed the pooch in that game.

12-08-2013, 10:53 AM
Could OSU and Bama play in a bowl game??

Real Deal Steel
12-08-2013, 11:32 AM
Ohio State was a fraud and they finally got exposed.

Love seeing Urban Meyer getting his bubble burst. He's a fraud too with his " I have to leave Florida for my health" crap. He left because the talent pool was dry. Period. Then he miraculously was healthy for the Ohio State job???? Please.

He ran to a weak conference that he thought he could dominate for years but as soon as he played a good team and not the Citidels of the college football world, his weak team got exposed.

And if Alabama and Ohio State go to the Orange Bowl, Alabama will beat the dog snot out of Ohio State. Won't be close.