View Full Version : Weather, History Favor Steelers vs. 'Fins

12-06-2013, 12:15 PM
Texas native and current Miami QB Ryan Tannehill has only played in two cold weather NFL games, losing both to AFC East opponents late in the 2012 season. His combined stats for those games: 1 TD pass, 3 picks, and 10 sacks.
This season Tannenhill leads the NFL with 45 sacks. Despite the ravaged Steelers' O-Line, Miami's can't be much better in the wake of the Richie Incognito/ Jonathon Martin fiasco. It won't be bitter cold on Sunday in Pittsburgh, but should be ugly enough to impede offenses. Steeler D needs to acquaint Tannenhill with some cold wet Western Pa.soil.Steelers get the win 20-16.