View Full Version : Steelers "identity" beyond outdated

11-29-2013, 02:32 PM
I have always personally prefered a strong ground attack and a "kill the opposing player" defense. I appreciated and respected the ability of Cowher to take those two aspects of a football team and use them to lead a team to an elite level despite having an average to below average QB. My favorite players were Greg Lloyd and Levon Kirkland. I would be more than happy to have a team that revolves around a ground attack and a strong defense that is expected to give up less than 20 points every game, but I'm smart enough to recognize the fact that those days are gone.

Anyone who watches football in this day and age knows a strong ground game is almost meaningless in this league. Establishing the run is completely unnecessary. And defenses are virtually incapable of keeping teams from scoring 20+ points per game regardless of how bad that team is. All these points are not as a result of choice, but a result of rules that have been put in place, along with an order to referees to call games in a certain manner that promotes deep passing and high scoring games. The game is now built to cater to the casual fan who doesn't appreciate the intricacies of the game and just basically likes to yell and cheer when a deep pass is caught or a TD is scored. That's what's good for business and that's what the NFL is first and foremost.

What I saw yesterday from the Steelers is what I've seen for a long time now: an offense that is led by one of the best QBs in the league, and that is more than capable of scoring 3 or more TDs a game. An offense that is more than capable of scoring 27+ points per game, but instead averages 21.9 per game this season (16th in the league), 21 per game in 2012 (22nd in the league), and 20.3 per game in 2011 (21st in the league).

The ultra conservative play calling has gotten so old, predictable and ineffective that one would think there is someone running this team who cares more about maintaining a certain historic identity rather than actually competing amongst the other 31 teams within the modern NFL. The handcuffing of Roethlisberger as if he were a cheap average QB has become tiresome. What's the point of paying a player of his caliber that much money if he's only going to be utilized once the team is down and the "establishment of the run" has failed once again for the 50th consecutive time?

The last 2-3 seasons, I honestly just get bored watching the Steelers. It's like watching a one-legged man in an *** kicking contest. It's like watching a boxing match where one of the boxers has been told he's only allowed to throw jabs until he's about to get knocked out and then he can start throwing his other punches. Same story, game after game, season after season, with little to no adjustments.

**** you Tomlin. **** you Haley. **** you old man Rooney and son.

p.s. Crash, you annoying fool, this post is half dedicated to you. Make a fake username and come back.