View Full Version : PICK ME WITH THE FIRST PICK!!!

02-03-2013, 12:28 PM
I'm a 6'2" 210 lb. cover corner. I can also return kicks and punts.
I run a 4.2 40, have a 48" vertical, and bench press 225 lbs. for 35 reps.

Nobody caught a TD on me last year. I defenced 30 passes, and got 12 picks - 4 were pick6.

Now, nobody is talking about me because I smoked a little pot in college, and got drunk at a frat party once and got in a fight. Me and my ex girlfriend got into it one night and I had to backhand her one night after she said "If you touch me, I'll call the police and ruin your football career".

Pick me if you want to win football games. If you want a choir boy, pick a guy that the steelers love.

I'm not runnin for pope, so don't expect me to front like the pope. I'm not tryin to play in the NFL -[National Feminine League].

02-11-2013, 11:49 AM
It's defended 30 passes not defenced ,plus you said you played running back if this is a different player than who is it and hitting a woman is a pussy move and no one should put up with it no matter what they can do

the Steelers don't like chior boys they prefer inteligent players that stay away from commiting crimes even in ben's case he was set up he never raped that girl if he really did she whould have went to trial