View Full Version : McFly06's First Mock Draft!!!

01-22-2013, 02:49 PM
While sick from school today im watching the Sr. Bowl Practice and Jordan Proyer CB Oregon State has really stood out so far, and the QBs for the North Team all could be a good backup for us. Zac Dysert Miami Oh, Mike Glennon NC State, Mike Nasib Syracuse.

Round 1: Manti Te'o; LB (Notre Dame) I don't care if you guys say no oh he had a bad game in the championship, yea he did but he had more things on his mind, and lets face it Notre Dame didnt play a team like Bama all year. Bama was the better team!!! If hes not on the board then id go after Dion Jordon from Oregon, Jordan Pryor CB from Oregon State, Kenny Vaccaro Safety from Texas. Or a QB like Mike Glennon, Zac Dysert,etc.

Round 2: Eddie Lacy; RB: (Alabama)

Round 3: Zac Dysert; QB (Miami-OH)

Round 4: Desmond Trufant; CB ( Washington)

Round 5: Brian Winters; OT ( Kent State)

Round 6: Tavarres King; WR ( Georgia)

Round 7: Joseph Fauria; TE (UCLA)

I didnt list a safety because i dont know what well do in free agent; maybe well get one in there. But this will change..

K Train
01-22-2013, 02:51 PM
im not a dysert fan, i think QB could be addressed better in round three than him. I love Teo, and i also dont think theres a chance lacy makes it to us in the second...theres a few teams that will probably locked in on him in the late first, and certainly the early second.

if ryan williams is an early second rounder, lacy will shoot up

01-22-2013, 03:33 PM
Any mock draft that gets through the first 3 rounds without addressing the teams 2 biggest needs, is immediately written off as "bad" by me... sorry

01-22-2013, 05:04 PM
Yea but if you look at free agents there are DBs out there, i mean yea we can draft one early. I really dont care what we draft early just as long its no Oline man. I want someone to come in and start right away and make a impact, if its a DL man i want him to start right away, I want someone to get after the QB!! Colbert says they could take a QB in the first round but theres no QBs out there worth taking with the 17th pick. I wouldnt mind us taking a WR,RB,Safety,CB,Linbacker,DL anything i just want someone to start right away