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01-21-2013, 08:17 PM
Ive always had fun but this is my first mock on this site. I am shooting for realistic possibilities based on a combination of my personal review of players via there televised games, youtube highlights (not really reliable), and top 100 prospects from sites like the GBNReport and DraftAce. Let me know what you think.

Round1 (17)
ILB Kevin Minter
- I chose K.Minter based on the lack of the type of 34OLB pitt usually picks. One that can pass rush, set the edge vs the run and ability to cover vs pass. The only one is Jarvis Jones. Although i like Mingo and Jordan, they appear to get washed out vs the run. I then moved to safety and ILB. Im not sure yet if either Vaccaro or Elam are good value at 17. Vaccaro is an all-around good DB but can improve tackling. Elam is a beast but his stature makes me hesitate at 17. All the above are possibilities but Kevin Minter is my choice. Te'O is a good ILB but from what I have seen in the games, Minter is better in ALL categories, including "intangibles". I would be happy with any of the above as i trust steelers brass.

Round 2 (48)
RB Eddy Lacy
- Yes...we are a little desperate in this area. I happen to be a fan of Mendenhall but like many of you, I would prefer a physical back. If not Lacy, any of the top Safeties would welcomed (Vaccaro UT, Elam- Florida, Reid LSU, Phillip Thomas Fres.St, and (personal favorite Tony Jefferson, Oklahoma). I understand I have two of the safeties as options in Rd1 but with the wealth of that position this year i thinks its possible they will last till the early 2nd to early 3rd round.

Round 3 (79)
S Phillip Thomas
- I concentrated down the middle of the defense bc i feel that is the heart of all defenses, therefore i chose a safety over an pass rushing OLB who's value at this position is not worth it. I dont see Steelers reaching for a position just bc its a need but rather choose from a wealth of Safeties. Other than safety, a big WR or road-grading LG would do.

I hope it wasnt too long...thanks for your attention.

01-21-2013, 11:35 PM
i wouldn't mind minter in the 1st round although i think we could trade down to the 20s gain an extra pick and get him them...

I would love Lacy in the 2nd i just dk if hell be there or not...

And lastly if Phillip thomas falls to our pick in the 3rd and we dont get him i would be livid. Hes gaining attention and i think hell get more after the combine i expect him to be gone mid to late 2nd round with a slim chance to go in the early 3rd

01-21-2013, 11:36 PM
Overall if it went like that in the first 3 rounds id love it

01-22-2013, 12:13 AM
I saw a Mock on Bleacher report today that I would love to see

Round 1 Dion Jordan DE/OLB
Round 2 Robert Woods WR
Round 3 Shayne Skov ILB
Round 4 Bacarri Rambo S

This would be a nice addition to our 2013 team