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01-20-2013, 12:20 AM
not my first , but every other one was scenarios just to play with and won't never happen ... so here is a real just normal one

17 - Jarvis Jones - OLB - Georgia
- Will he fall this far??? who knows ... but i'm pretty sure he will fall, I don't think he'll post staggering numbers at the combine and I read he has short arms for a Pass rusher , and the injury , plus reports now that he doesn't like the weight room(probably can't lift all that much cause of the injury), Also players like Mingo and Ansah I think will wow at the combine and be real winners... I also don't believe the Jets will go Defense their Offense needs wayyyy to much work to go Defense... all good for us


48 - David Amerson - FS/CB - NC State
- I question if he can tackle good enough to play safety ... But I absolutely love his ball skills and versatility as he could play Corner if injuries happen


79 - Cobi Hamilton - WR - Arkansas
- Bigger receiver , Fast , He can play outside with Brown from day 1 and let Sanders play the slot


112 - Mike Gillislee - RB - Flordia
- I think he's the best 3 down RB in the draft ... he can do everything and will be a steal in the 4th


5th - Michael Williams - TE - Bama
- Under rated receiver and an absolute beast run blocking

6th - Nigel Malone - CB - Kansas State
- Don't have great size , but the guy makes plays

7th - Anthony Amos - Wr - Midd Tennessee
- I don't think Sanders will be here next year, Amos looked good in the East/West game


Didn't draft a ILB , because it all depends on Spence health ... if Spence recovery is going good I don't think they look for a ILB at all ... Spence/Sly to start next year

01-20-2013, 08:39 AM
Nice post, thanks for sharing.

01-21-2013, 02:03 AM
If Jarvis Jones falls to 17.... :grin2: I would be stoked... The rest of the mock is solid as well