View Full Version : Would you prefer an early or a late bye?

Rhys Lightning 63
12-03-2012, 09:12 AM
Just thinking about this on the way home from college this morning. Say we didn't have a bye in week 4 this year and had it late like we did last year, would that of helped or hindered us in terms of Bens injury?

Pros of an early bye - If you start off bad, you get a week off to decided what's going wrong and fix it
Cons - If you pick up some injuries later on (ala Ben), then you have to play every week until the end with someone who may not be 100%

Pros of a late bye - If you get an injury and are pretty banged up (after 10 weeks or so, and if we had to play the Ravens twice and the 49ers and the Bears etc I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few knocks), you get a week off to rest and recover
Cons - Lose momentum if you go on a winning streak and need to keep it going to clinch division/wild card place

What do you guys think?