View Full Version : This isn't the same Steelers vs Ravens anymore

11-13-2012, 07:39 PM
It's got nothing to do with the fact that Ben is questionable, Antonio Brown is questionable, Ray Lewis won't play, or any other injury. Well ok maybe a bit, but it has to do more with how these teams play now.

The physical, bruising, ground game and play action offense has been transformed into quick plays, down field bombs, and more passing yardage than we've ever seen these two teams have in the past. Yeah they both can run, but both QB's aren't afraid to put the ball in the air at any time.

This used to be a war, a whoever had the most players left in the end won the game. In the last year or two it's come down to much more in the skill player role on offense than it has previously. Sure guys will still get beat up, players will get hurt, and what not but I expect to see more scoring again on both sides.

The Ravens defense is hardly anything to write home about. They can't stop the run and their pass defense is as vulnerable as anyone in the league right now. The key will be, how well Ben or Byron can take advantage of that. If AB doesn't play, are Sanders and Wallace able to break open or will it be Heath all day long?

Hitting Miller Time for 10 passes isn't a bad thing at all, hell I'll take it, but you can bet that Baltimore will be looking at how the Chiefs played us on Monday night. This is no longer just a, we know them they know us, kind of game.

This one should be crazy in all sorts of ways when it comes down to the end.