View Full Version : Steelers 15-1 vs. rookie QBs under Lebeau....

Raleigh Steel
10-29-2012, 07:36 AM
Who was the one rookie to win? I've been racking my brain and can't think of it.

Who and when?

10-29-2012, 07:42 AM
Troy smith in a ravens game that didn't matter.

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Big T
10-29-2012, 07:47 AM
2007, week 17. Key starters were rested in that game to prepare for the playoffs. Batch started for Ben.

Raleigh Steel
10-29-2012, 08:21 AM
Thanks guys, would have never figured that out!

10-29-2012, 11:26 AM
We rested the starters the last game against the Ravens, they beat us in the meaningless game with Smith as their QB. Then we lost to the Jaguars in the playoffs.

Crazy how much the league has changed in five years. The Ravens game was meaningless and the Jaguars were a contender in the Playoffs.

10-29-2012, 12:46 PM
I remember that loss to the Jags. They had beat us 9-0 in the regular season then beat us in similar fashion in the playoffs..