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09-27-2012, 08:40 AM
Foote denies two reports
Larry Foote said they have it all wrong, that he neither yelled at the replacement officials after the game in Oakland, nor did he yell at them on the field after seeing teammate Ziggy Hood get chop-blocked late in the game.

On the first one, he said he was speaking his mind about his own team, and he said he never saw the block on Hood.
KDKA-TV reported Foote yelled at the officials as they entered their locker room: "You should go kill yourselves."

Foote said Wednesday that "I was ranting, but I didn't see any officials, I was talking to myself. I said 'We killed ourselves.' "
Another report on Deadspin.com suggested Foote was upset because the officials did not call a penalty on a chop block thrown on Hood.
"I couldn't see the play," Foote said. "I made the tackle on the play, how do I know what happened to the defensive tackle on that play? We prepared for [chop blocks] all week. That was last year's beef. We know that's a legal block."

Some Steelers complained last year after their season-opening loss that the Baltimore Ravens were illegally chop-blocking. Turns out, the blocks thrown by the Ravens were legal.

From the PG (http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/sports/steelers/on-the-steelers-harrison-suffers-another-setback-654988/#ixzz27fnsrT5P)

Real Deal Steel
09-27-2012, 09:27 AM
If he did, it was justified.

09-27-2012, 09:24 PM
He won't have to worry about it anymore since the real officials are back. I give it a week tops before somebody starts complaining about a bad call again..LOL