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06-22-2012, 11:32 PM
Former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty tonight of nearly all of the allegations of child sex abuse leveled against him.

After 20 hours of sequestered deliberations, the jury of seven women and five men read 45 "guilty" verdicts as Sandusky stood and looked at the jury with his left hand in a pocket of his brown sport coat. There were three not-guilty verdicts.
One of the victims -- identified as Victim 6 during the proceedings -- was surrounded by his family and they cried as the verdict was read.

After court was adjourned, the former Penn State defensive coordinator was led in handcuffs to a waiting police car to be taken to the local county jail.

Sandusky likely will be sentenced to life in prison. He faces a maximum sentence of 442 years and will be sentenced in approximately 90 days.

Sandusky's wife, Dottie, looked forward stoically as the counts were read off and her husband repeatedly was found guilty. At one point, dozens of counts in, she started shaking her head.

Sandusky's daughter, Kara, broke down as her dad was handcuffed, and held her hand over her heart as her father walked out of court.


BlacknGold Bleeder
06-22-2012, 11:39 PM
Justice is served !!

06-23-2012, 12:45 AM
442 years, wow! I'll be surprised if he doesn't take his own life within the first 5 years of his sentence. He's already getting up in years as it is and he'll never see the outside of a prison again.

06-23-2012, 01:30 AM
What a surprise.. //end sarcasm.

06-23-2012, 08:26 AM
I wonder if they'll keep him in isolation for his own safety.

Hope not.

06-23-2012, 09:49 AM
Just think he gets to spend the rest of his life doing the things he likes most only thing his playmates won't be 10 years old. Good for you Jerry enjoy.

I can only hope Mike McQueary gets raped someday soon and that there's a witness who will run home and talk to dad about what he saw.

06-23-2012, 09:52 AM
That entire case was very disturbing and I couldn't follow it.

06-24-2012, 12:25 AM
Justice will only be served if this wicked pedophile never gets out of prison...

06-24-2012, 09:36 AM
Let him kill himself. no great loss to society a pedophile is gone.....