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05-14-2012, 08:00 PM

May 14, 2012

Check out exclusive photos of the event by clicking the photo above!INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — Joe Haden showed Independence High School prom-goers he knows more than just how to intercept passes and lay out receivers as a starting cornerback for the Cleveland Browns.

He showed them he also knows how to Dougie.

Mostly, he showed them he had a big and caring heart, as Haden celebrated prom with Joyce Grendel — an Independence senior who invited Haden via Twitter after her original date backed out.

Haden accepted, spent Friday afternoon readying for his big night, then picked up Grendel at her home in his white Lambroghini. Grendel’s friend, Lacey Mencl, and her date, Dave Kowalski, accompanied them.

“I had the time of my life,” Grendel said. “Everything worked out perfectly and even better than I had imagined. Joe was such a gentleman and so nice.”

Before the prom, Haden took his date and her friends to Cleveland Browns Stadium and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum for pictures. Dinner was served at prom, but the group decided to go to XO Prime Steaks in downtown Cleveland before arriving “fashionably late” to the dance. (Haden, of course, picked up the tab.)

“After eating, we finally got to prom about an hour late,” Mencl said. “Everyone clapped and cheered when we entered. They were even chanting ‘Here we go Brownies.’ Joe would just smile and wave.”

And yes, Haden took the center of the dance floor, pulling Grendel along with him when “Teach Me How to Dougie” played.

While getting ready at his downtown Cleveland home Friday, Haden told FOX Sports Ohio the fact he had previously met Grendel played a big role in his decision to attend. Grendel is an active member of “Haden Nation” and often communicates with Haden via Twitter.

So did the fact he himself had missed his own prom after graduating from high school early and committing to spring football at the University of Florida.

“She said her date bailed on her, and she was like, ’If you could go, I really don’t have anything to do,’” Haden explained. “I thought it would be really cool to go with her. Since I didn’t get to go (to my own prom), I figured it would be a good experience for both of us.”

Haden spoke as he got dressed and wiped sweat from his face with a towel. He admittedly was a little nervous.

“Especially about the dancing part,” he said, smiling and adjusting his tie. “But I think it’s going to be fun.”

According Grendel and Mencl, it actually couldn’t have gone any better.

“It was truly the best night of our lives,” Mencl said. “Joe made sure everything went absolutely perfect, and it’s a night we will never forget.

“I don’t think he’ll ever truly understand what he did for Joyce and me on May 11, but we will cherish it forever.”

Haden, 23, is entering his third season with the Browns. He has played in 31 of a possible 32 games, compiling 110 tackles and six interceptions for his career.

hate the browns but this is a pretty cool story!!!

05-16-2012, 02:40 PM
this was awesome...that girl was so happy..I saw this on the news...he went all out too...gave her the prom of her life

K Train
05-17-2012, 03:42 PM
damn haden is only 23? cool story tho