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05-08-2012, 12:41 PM
We all remember Casey Hampton eating his way out of the lineup in training camp a few years ago. Now with the Big Snack II or the coliseum as some are starting to call him that could be an issue in the future for Alameda Ta'amu but according to this article in the Trib, those years are behind him.

Casey Hampton arrived at training camp so overweight a few years ago that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin banished him to the physically-unable-to-perform list for two weeks.
Steelers’ fourth-round pick Alameda Ta’amu can relate, but the heir apparent to Hampton at nose tackle believes the times of him “sitting on my butt all day” are well behind him.
“(Weight) was an issue my first two years of college,” Ta’amu said. “I knew I had to change my ways.”
At a position where bigger is always better, unbeknownst to him, Ta’amu took that to the extreme during his freshman year at the University of Washington.
While becoming a Parade All-American at Rainier Beach High School his senior year, the 17-year-old Ta’amu played at a hefty 330 pounds but still was able to create havoc with his unusual athleticism until a broken foot forced him to the sideline for the final two games.
After two months of healing, Ta’amu decided to play in the Offense-Defense All-American Game at the Orange Bowl, where he re-injured the foot, preventing him from working out.
Between January and July, Ta’amu gained more than 50 pounds.
“After the season, he started to eat and didn’t work out much and he just ballooned up,” said Mark Haley, Ta’amu’s high school coach. “He kind of couldn’t do a whole lot, so he just sat around and ate.”
When Ta’amu arrived for the first day of training camp at Washington, he stepped on a scale for the first time in months.
“The scale kept going up, so I hopped off and said: ‘Hold on, hold on, man,’ ” Ta’amu said. “I went into college thinking I was 330 or 340.”
Instead, he weighed 380.
“I didn’t even know I was that big,” Ta’amu said.
Despite coming to camp out of shape, Ta’amu dropped 50 pounds and contributed as a true freshman, starting five games and posting 21 tackles.
Ta’amu never had an issue with his weight since. He’s been as low as 320 pounds and weighed in at this past weekend’s rookie minicamp at 346.

Full Article (http://triblive.com/sports/1452321-85/amu-steelers-pounds-pick-senior-camp-college-freshman-issue-round)

K Train
05-08-2012, 12:47 PM
346 is the consistent number with him, if he stays there he will be unblockable

this man will show no mercy


05-08-2012, 12:47 PM
I think he'll be okay. It sounds like Troy is going to be a mentor. No way the kid will slack off.

05-08-2012, 12:50 PM
He looks in a lot better shape than "Big Snack". I don't see a hanging belly.


05-08-2012, 02:27 PM
He's a lot taller than Hampton is too, he can afford to carry that weight of 346 lbs and still move comfortably. Casey is 6'1, 325 lbs.

Ta'amu's got 6" on him and another 21 lbs. Total beast potential here.

K Train
05-08-2012, 02:36 PM
taamu 6-4 346 of sexual man beast

casey is more like 6-0 350-360 depending on what he had for breakfast.

They are different players, taamus more natural fit would probably come as a NT in a 43 where he can get after the QB, but with his size and strength its not gonna be hard for him to learn how to anchor in a 34, and he will probably have a lot of value on passing downs...something that guys like casey doesnt offer. Casey was great because he was short and explosive (for a fat man at least) but he was also unbelievably strong.

definitely going to be interesting, but imo taamu is in the mold of a NT thats more valuable to a 34 defense in 2012 than back in 2000-ish when casey was the staple of what you look for a 34 NT

05-08-2012, 07:24 PM
Alameda county is what i like to call him has a great future in the middle of heyward and hood lol that's H T H the new banned substance

I like the fact that Troy is kinda taking him under his wing so i think he will be on the ball

05-09-2012, 12:50 AM
That dude is a friggin' truck!!! His weight issues are behind him... Does that mean he has a fat ***? LOL