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03-24-2012, 12:19 PM
Update: Crocker not sorry to see Ward go; Talks ongoingI bet he's not sorry to see Hines go.... Tired if Hines knocking him on he's punk ***. :lol:

When Hines Ward retired, it was like Lou Gehrig hitting four homers the day John McGraw died.
Who knew, since it was the day Peyton Manning signed with Denver?
If it seems like nobody caught more balls for more TDs and more yards against the Bengals than the Steelers wide receiver, you're right.
According to Elias, in 14 seasons Ward caught 131 balls for 1,588 yards, and 15 TDs against the Bengals, the most ever in all three categories against Cincinnati.
Safety Chris Crocker, always an outspoken critic of Ward's approach, reiterated Tuesday he thinks Ward played a dirty game and that "he tried to end people's careers and that's not the way the game is supposed to be played."
But Crocker also said he respected Ward and believes he deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
"He's probably the first receiver to make blocking such a big part of his game; he was an all-around receiver," Crocker said. "He was a dirty player, but he made a lot of plays. They used him perfectly to suit his abilities and he was a big-time player for them. Some people might think of him as a borderline Hall of Famer, but I think the fact he helped them win two Super Bowls and all the things he did for that team make him deserving."
Crocker joined the Bengals less than two weeks after Ward's most famous hit, a 2008 blindside block that broke Bengals linebacker Keith Rivers (http://www.bengals.com/team/roster/keith-rivers/dceb19f7-d3f4-4c9f-a0b2-07286f398461/)'s jaw and ended his rookie season. In 2009, Crocker said Ward punched him in the face at the snap of the ball.
"Stuff like that, it's just not right," Crocker said. "And I'm not the only guy that thinks it."


04-10-2012, 05:59 PM
Hines was not dirty. No way.


04-10-2012, 11:53 PM
So what It's Football, everybody is trying to kill you on the field in all aspects of the game.

I believe was a Dirty player in a way but who wasn't, get them before they get you cause you know if Crocker could of got his he would have sorry he missed his chance.

04-13-2012, 09:34 PM
Dirty player = Throwback!

Hines was the most intense WR of his generation. He played tough from gun to gun and was one of the few that coulda played in the era of Butkis and Nitschke. It was a pleasure to watch him for 14 years and I doubt we'll see another!

04-13-2012, 10:10 PM
Chris Crocker needs to learn how to stay healthy before he starts speaking up on any player in this league. The man has played for 4 teams in 7 years and he's only played a full season 4 times. Chris Crocker has not had a season where he's had over 51 tackles yet. He's talking now because Hines used to flatten him out every time they played each other. Sounds to me like the man wants attention