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03-02-2012, 10:33 AM
These are some of the top names available - If we keep Wallace we will need one of them.

Carl Nicks (NO) - OG - After signing Jahri Evans to a 7-year, $56.7 million deal in 2010, the Saints will have to contemplate doling out a similar contract if they wish to keep Carl Nicks, one of the premier guards in the league. Committing that type of money to a pair of guards would be unheard of in league history. Though Nicks has said he would love to return, if he doesn't put a hometown discount on the table, there's a good chance the market shows him more love than the Saints can afford.

Chris Myers (HOU) - OC - Myers has found himself in one of the best possible situations in the league with the Texans. After years of searching, the Texans have been able to replicate some of the success HC Gary Kubiak had in Denver. Meyers is an outstanding system fit and will probably stay in Houston. For the past two seasons, no center has been a better in a zone fit than Myers.

Demetrius Bell (BUF) - OT - Bell is another under-the-radar player capable of protecting the blindside and is a vital piece to the Bills' offense. After suffering a season-ending injury midway through the year, the Bills struggled to protect Fitzpatrick. Coupled with the loss of Eric Wood in the middle, the line quickly deteriorated as did the team's chances for the playoffs. Bell is solid and dependable in all facets of the game and will most likely be back with the organization next year.

Evan Mathis (PHI) - OG - Playing in Howard Mudd's scheme, Evan Mathis appears to have found the perfect place for himself in Philadelphia. He put together and exceptional season keeping Michael Vick free from pressure and teaming with Jason Peters to open up ridiculous holes for LeSean McCoy. After a season like that, it would be shocking to see the Eagles not put forth their best effort to bring him back.

Jared Gaither (SD) - OT - Gaither joined the Chargers in Week 13 from Kansas City and picked up a quick five starts to close the season. In that time, he played exceptionally well as a pass protector for Philip Rivers. As a replacement for another oft-injured left tackle, Marcus McNeill, that the team committed big money to two years back, the Chargers will have to think long and hard about both of their futures and lack of dependability.

Ben Grubbs (BAL) - OG - Grubbs has been an above average lineman on one of the better units in the league over the past few years. He's proven to be an effective run blocker, especially on the move. The team is at its best when the offense can move defenders off the line and establish a run game, of which Grubbs is a big part of. Still, with Ray Rice a priority, it will bump Grubbs down just a notch, allowing room for his departure.

Scott Wells (GB) - OC - Like Meyers, Wells is an ideal system fit. The Packers have sought to get bigger and stronger at the position in the post-Sherman days, but there's no doubt that Wells has consistently outperformed all others. He's a heady center with little flash that could play well into his 30s. Though the Packers won't offer a lucrative deal, he's also unlikely to find that elsewhere as an undersized center. With Finley also a free agent though, money could take him to greener pastures.

03-02-2012, 10:52 AM
The Ravens are having a helluva time trying to sign Grubbs, which means he's probably going to want too munch money. Even with the Steelers freeing up cash now with all these cuts and restructures he's probably out of their price range.

03-02-2012, 10:59 AM
With Kemo gone, we will draft Konz.. He is a G/C... Poucey is a C/G ... They are interchangeable.

Then we need a FA OL player. One of these, hopefully the youngest one.

03-02-2012, 01:41 PM
Doesn't the 18 reps on the 225 worry you a bit? Didn't we see enough of the Steeler OL get pushed around the last few years? Wouldn't you think a guy like Zeitler be a better fit?

Real Deal Steel
03-02-2012, 01:56 PM
If We sign Grubbs, that would be an outstanding signing and giving us exactly what we need and hurting the Ravens at the same time. I think if we target anyone in free agency, Grubbs needs to be the first priority. This one signing could tilt things clearly back to our favor.

The front office needs to think about this very carefully because the ripple effect of it would be outstanding for us and bad for the Ravens big time! I'd definitely pull the trigger on this one move.

03-02-2012, 03:34 PM
Doesn't the 18 reps on the 225 worry you a bit? Didn't we see enough of the Steeler OL get pushed around the last few years? Wouldn't you think a guy like Zeitler be a better fit?

Yes Zeitler would be a better fit and I'd take Phillip Blake in the later rounds.