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02-08-2012, 09:23 PM
Jim Thomas of the St Louis Post Dispatch tweeted out tonight that Steelers Chief Negotiator omar Kahn will interview with the Rams for a general manager position.

The Steelers can not afford to lose Khan, he's been in on every contract since 2004.

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02-09-2012, 08:59 AM
From what i heard about the Steelers front office that would be terrible.

I dont really know much about how things work in front offices in the NFL. What exactly can the steelers do to keep him in Pittsburgh? I mean couldnt they just pay him more money until he is happy (in case the reason for him leaving would be the money) or is there like a salary cap in the front office as well or does it even count into the normal salary cap? And why does it always say "they have asked for permission to speak with somebody"? Cant they just go ahead and call him and say "look buddy we may got a job for you"?

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02-09-2012, 09:19 AM
Do not underestimate the potential loss of Khan people. This guy is our "capologist" who continues to do great work on our contracts. Losing him would not be good.

02-09-2012, 01:34 PM
Losing Khan would be real bad. He is da man when it comes to players contracts and the salary cap. He would be the 10th candidate interviewed for the Rams GM position, so hopefully he will stay with the Steelers.

02-10-2012, 05:04 PM
Steelers prepared if Khan leaves.....

By Len Pasquarelli

ATLANTA - There are a lot of things to generally admire about the Pittsburgh Steelers, not the least of which is their usual preparedness, on and off the field. It was reported early this week that the St. Louis Rams have requested permission to interview Steelers director of business and administration Omar Khan for their general manager job. One of the NFL's premier salary cap experts, the departure of Khan would be a big loss for the Steelers, but not as significant as it would be if Pittsburgh didn't have a ready replacement already onboard.

Buried in the small type of the Steelers' front office/executives roster is veteran cap specialist Dan Ferens, who works for Pittsburgh in "business administration," and who essentially has been a cap consultant for the past several seasons. Ferens previously worked nearly 20 years for the Steelers, principally managing the cap, before exiting for a corporate gig at IMG in 1999, and then moving on to the Houston Texans as their chief negotiator in 2001.

Ferens resigned from the Texans in 2006 to be closer to his native Western Pennsylvania, then rejoined the Steelers a year later. If Khan leaves, Ferens would almost certainly be the choice as the club's new cap manager, and things would be in good hands, indeed.

The Rams, by the way, have interviewed 10 candidates for the GM post and figure to make a decision within a week. One element to watch is just how much control St. Louis cedes its new general manager. New coach Jeff Fisher is expected to hold sway over roster and personnel decisions, and that might preclude some candidates from being able to accept the job.

02-11-2012, 11:19 AM
Khan isn't going anywhere!!

The St. Louis Rams have whittled their list of candidates from double-digits to two as they move in on hiring a general manager.

George Paton and Les Snead are the two finalists for the job, according to Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. They are expected to meet with owner Stan Kroenke this weekend and a decision could be reached very soon.

Per Thomas, the job is Patons to lose. He is currently the director of player personnel for the Minnesota Vikings and is well regarded in NFL circles. Paton previously was the director of pro personnel for the Miami Dolphins from 2001 to 2006 and worked in the front office for the Chicago Bears prior to that.

Snead is in his third season as director of player personnel for the Atlanta Falcons. Hes been with the Falcons for 13 seasons and prior to that worked for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Rams received permission to interview Omar Khan of the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this week but indications are that interview will not happen.

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rams hired snead