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12-29-2011, 05:32 PM
Steelers' Farrior, Gilbert Pick Up Pro Football Writers Awards
Linebacker, Offensive Tackle Honored By Pittsburgh Chapter Of Pro Football Writers Of America
POSTED: 3:53 pm EST December 29, 2011
UPDATED: 4:36 pm EST December 29, 2011
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PITTSBURGH -- Steelers linebacker James Farrior and offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert picked up honors from the Pittsburgh Chapter of Pro Football Writers of America on Thursday.

James Farrior

Farrior was awarded “The Chief Award,” presented to the player who best exemplifies the spirit of cooperation with the media.

“I think it’s a respect factor that we have for you guys,” Farrior told media members. “We know that you guys have to do a story. We know that you guys have to be in the locker room. It’s something you can’t really avoid. Being discouraging and not being available is something we don’t do. We try to be available to everybody.”

Farrior said it’s not always easy to accommodate the media, especially after a loss.

“That’s when it’s most difficult when you lose a game and your emotions are running high and you don’t really know what to say to the media and everybody’s in your face asking question, but it’s part of being a professional, part of being a Steeler, and that’s something we have to deal with on occasion,” said Farrior.

Farrior is a two-time recipient of the award, having also been honored in 2009.

The honor was named after Steelers founder Arthur J. Rooney, Sr.

Back-To-Back Gators

Gilbert was honored with the “Joe Greene Great Performance Award,” given to the team’s top rookie.

“It’s just an honor to be a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, truly. Just an honor to be given an opportunity to go out there and perform for the best organization in the NFL,” Gilbert said.

Marcus Gilbert

Gilbert’s number was called early in the season when then-starting right tackle Willie Colon was lost for the year with a triceps injury in the season opener.

“Like they said, ‘the standard is the standard.’ I wanted to uphold the standard that was at right tackle for Willie Colon,” Gilbert said. “This is a tremendous honor and it just comes with hard work.”

The rookie has played in 13 games for the Steelers, starting 12 along the way.

It was the first time in team history offensive linemen received the Joe Greene Award, named after the Steelers' legendary Steel Curtain anchor, in consecutive seasons.

Maurkice Pouncey, the team’s starting center, and Gilbert’s teammate as a member of the Florida Gators, was given the award in 2010.

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I thought this was a pretty cool read

12-29-2011, 08:09 PM
Potsie has been the consummate professional with the media pretty much is entire career. It's no surprise he'd get this honor. I would say that the last 2 years Ben has really embraced the media more, and they've noticed that as well.

Gilbert is going to be a beast at RT for years to come with this team. Seeing a player go down is never good but Willie Colon getting injured is just what the doctor ordered for the future at this position. Marcus has the prototypical size and power to play RT in the NFL. He's only going to get better and better.

12-30-2011, 10:48 AM
Congrats to all of the players who picked up awards this year.

For Farrior, dealing with the Steelers media is probably not that big of a deal. They are pretty tame overall, and don't appear to be difficult to get a long with. There are some that are a big hard nosed and won't let things go but overall dealing with them doesn't appear to be as big a deal as dealing with say the New York media or something.

If anything, having to deal with them in training camp is probably worse than the regular season. In camp you're around them almost 24/7. They stay in the dorm rooms, are at most of the practices and workouts, etc. During the season you only see them after practices or games.

12-30-2011, 08:38 PM
Yanno you look back at this season and there are many players on our team that deserve some type of award, but the only award truthfully that I want this team to carry with them is being crowned the Champs!!!

but this is really cool and I think it just goes to show you who the leaders are who the role models are who the followers are etc.

gilbert is a beast though