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12-29-2011, 12:36 AM
On Christmas Eve the Rams came to Heinz Field to play
We would be without Ben and some others for the day
We needed a win for our division just to keep pace
There’s still a chance for 2nd or even 1st place
The Rams are working on a 1st place of their own
Could this be why they gave up near the end zone?
I’m getting ahead of myself so first things first
Charlie was our QB today as Ben’s injury was nursed
Batch has gotten wins before and should be able to again
At times he even did his best impression of Ben
In the first quarter we had a field goal and a couple Rams punts
In the second Charlie was intercepted once
Not really his fault although he threw the pass
Antonio Brown slipped on the grass
It was soon all but forgotten in a flash
John Clay scored after Rashard’s 52 yard dash
Josh Brown missed wide left as the half ran out
The outcome of this game was not really in doubt
We got 3 more points on the 2nd half opening drive
And Steven Jackson tried to keep the Rams alive
It was almost enough - but just not quite
As their kicker missed again - this time wide right
They couldn’t stop us so more points went on the board
Bomb to Wallace and then Mendenhall scored
On our next drive Redman joined in with his own TD
Then I thought the Rams would try a kick for three
Down to our 23 - instead they just walked off the field
:30 to go - our shutout victory sealed
One regular season game left - one more win needed
Other game’s outcomes will determine how we’re seeded
The Browns love to hate us - this is their Superbowl
Let’s go to Cleveland and give them their belated lump of coal

12-29-2011, 05:38 PM
Hopefully we get to read 3-4 more.

01-01-2012, 11:28 PM
Great stuff, I can't wait to read a few more of these myself for the rest of the season!