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BlacknGold Bleeder
12-23-2011, 03:44 PM
Here it is again the 39th Anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. A Nation was born when Franco made a shoestring reception against the hated Raiders late in the game and took it into the end zone for the TD. Did it hit Frenchy Fuqua or Tatum last? No one can say for sure ,at least back then the game wasn't under the microscope that it is today. Even more shocking the game wasn't on TV locally because it was blacked out, hard to imagine a STEELERS game not sold out. Is there a more important play in STEELERS history? If the ball had hit the ground would there be a STEELERS NATION?


12-23-2011, 09:26 PM

December 23, 1972, I was dirt poor (laid off highway - construction worker) in those days, living in Allegheny, NY (cold as hell, lots of snow), unemployed and lookin for a new job at the time. I didn't even have a TV then, found out the result from my buds who were all Bills fans (drank lots of Genesee Cream ale with em). I am certain that I didn't understand the enormity of that win when it happened. That was a rough year but, with a Steelers win it was brightened up a lot. Happy to say that eventually things worked out fine. Back then, I never even considered a winning season as a possibility for the Steelers. What was that? Just a win against anyone was good enough for a fan then. Things have changed a lot since then and today I expect way too much. Easy to forget the hard times. Good luck and best wishes tomorrow Steelers as you march forward in your quest for #7.

"1972 was the team's 40th year in the league, during which they had finished above .500 only nine times, and until then had never won a playoff game. In fact, before this game the only playoff game the team had ever played in was a loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1947 after the two teams finished tied for the Eastern Division championship. (The Steelers also lost to the Detroit Lions in the 1962 Playoff Bowl, though this was considered an exhibition game between the two second place teams in league record books and not an actual playoff game.) They had long been regarded as one of the league's doormats (as the 1944 Card-Pitt merger was 0-10 and was ridiculed as the "Carpitts," a play on the word "carpet"). As recently as 1969 the team had posted a 1-13 record, thus securing the first draft choice in the subsequent NFL draft (in which the Steelers chose Terry Bradshaw) and seeding their remarkable turnaround. Since the AFL-NFL Merger, the Steelers have the NFL's best record (surpassing Miami in 2007 because of the Dolphins' recent struggles), have had a league-low three head coaches, and have had only nine losing seasons, none worse than 5-11. Only twice since the Immaculate Reception has the team had losing seasons two years in a row and none three years in a row". Source, the web.

Don't be too disappointed in the goings on of today's Steelers, life for them was not always wine and roses.

12-23-2011, 09:32 PM
Terri Rothliesberger keeping the play alive!

And why are there just seemingly random people standing around at the zone?

12-24-2011, 12:26 AM
The single biggest play in NFL history still IMO for the Steelers and one of the biggest ever overall.

12-26-2011, 09:51 AM
I enjoyed watching that game inside my daddy's bag. I get good stories from my dad and uncles who watched that game.

12-26-2011, 01:08 PM
I was watching the game as a child and turned off the game a fewplays before it took place and went outside to throw the football with my brother....
Man I wish I would have watched the rest of the game.....