View Full Version : Steelers running attack balances out offense in big win

12-04-2011, 04:09 PM
Rashard Mendenhall- 16 rushes, 60 yds.
Isaac Redman - 8 rushes, 51 yds.
Mewelde Moore: 1 rush, 13 yds.
Jonathan Dwyer: 3 rushes, 8 yds.
Antonio Brown: 1 rush, 9 yds.

The Steelers put up the 2nd most rushing yards against the Bengals in 2011, with their win today. The running back by committee posted up 136 yds today, second only to the Browns ealier this season.

The offensive line played superb today opening up lanes and securing the edge when needed. Both Mendenhall and Redman ran hard and tough today. You could regularly see them breaking tackles and keeping their legs churning to get those extra yards. Considering how well the Bengals defense was ranked, #5 in the NFL going into this weekend's games, the Steelers success is pretty impressive and obviously important.

12-04-2011, 06:07 PM
Using a "Stable" is a good idea for us. Lots of ability throughout the backs. Redman is a HORSE!!!! Born to wear the Black n Gold!

12-04-2011, 07:23 PM
At this point I think its the best we can hope for this year. It might be the best situation going forward giving the Steelers reliance on the pass so much. You'll never see a one back rushing for 1500 yds again most likely.

For today though, and really the last couple of weeks, Mendenhall has been running hard and keeping those legs churning for extra yards. It's about time this year.

12-04-2011, 09:38 PM
I really think this is the present and future of pro football. Guys carrying 25 times a game have gone the way of the dodo. Mendy and Red are a nice combo and throw in Baron Batch next year too and we could be really diverse.

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