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11-12-2011, 09:42 AM
Could have sworn I posted this already last night but I can't find it.....

A day of reckoning is what everyone was saying
About the game the Steelers and Ravens would be playing
Our games are always ugly - we donít need a reason
But we were looking for revenge from the beginning of the season
It didnít start off well when Ray Rice ran in and scored
But a holding penalty took that TD off the board
The Ravens tried two field goals - only one went through
Then the Steelers kicked a field goal to start quarter two
Soon the Ravens kicked again for another three
Then a little while later so did we
If youíre keeping score - itís now six to six
No touchdowns scored yet - only kicks
In the third quarter - in the middle of our opening drive
Ben threw a pass that was picked off by #55
Flacco and the offense took it down to the 4
Then Ray Rice took it in for the score
The Steelers were now down by 10
It was time for another come back from Ben
First it was Mendenhall and we were down by 3
And a Flacco fumble would lead to a Wallace TD
We were 4 points ahead with 5 minutes to play
Unfortunately this wasnít going to be our day
Torrey Smith caught the TD with just seconds remaining
And pretty soon the Gatorade shower was raining
You may have swept us but win with some class
This wasnít the Superbowl on the Heinz Field grass
When January comes around we hope to see you again
The sweep means nothing if you donít win then
For now we go to Cincinnati for our next game
Itís the Bengals that we hope to tame
They are riding high on a 5 game win streak
We hope to end that in the Jungle this week

11-12-2011, 10:35 AM
Steelers bounce back in cincy.

11-13-2011, 12:38 PM
Reading that poem was depressing but we bounce back this week. A prime opportunity was lost last week, it's time to make amends this week!