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01-14-2007, 12:14 AM
As a matter of happenstance, I was reading through one of my favorite Steelers books, and found some thingsthat help sooth me over about the coaching search:

"Nine head coaching jobs opened in the NFL in 1991, and Pittsburgh filled its post last. ... Soon, the list of 10 was whittled to a Final Four late in the second week of January: Joe Greene, Kevin Gilbride, Dave Wannstedt, and Bill Cowher. ...

The Cowhers arrived in Pittsburgh Saturday afternoon and went to dinner that night with Tom and Mary Donahoe, Art and Greta Rooney, and Dan and Patricia Rooney. The job, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, was
not discussed. "Knowing Dan Rooney as I do now", Cowher said, "I can
just see the sincerity in what he was doing. He just wanted to make sure he felt comfortable in what he wanted to do." " - from 'Dawn of a New Steel Age', by Ed Bouchette

So, here is what this book is telling me:

1) I need to calm down. This may take several more weeks, especially if they have more than a passing interest in Rivera (which it appears they do)

2) A late hire is not a bad hire

3) The Rooneys apparently like to terrify us with one really bad candidate in this process, so I have concluded that I should calm down about Sherman - he's just this generation's Gilbride

4) The fan, or sports writers favorite is not probably going to get this job. Wannstedt was the sportswriters choice in 92, and Greene the fan favorite. So Whis and Grimm are probably not as far ahead of the field as
everyone thinks.

5) If the Rooney's invite you for dinner, that is the final interview.

I just need to continue trusting in the Rooney's

01-14-2007, 02:18 AM
The Rooneys will make the right choice, I have no doubts about that. Its the waiting that sucks....I guess thats why they are owners and I'm just a fan.

01-14-2007, 02:21 AM
The waiting does suck, it drives me nuts. It's like our team is in limbo while we wait !

01-14-2007, 12:29 PM
So...have they invited anyone to dinner yet? :D